How did this happen?!

So, the strangest thing just happened while I was playing Halo 4. I was in a matchmaking lobby for swat, and as the next game started loading up, I randomly unlocked 10 achievements at the exact same time, for a total of 250G, and they’re all the achievements for the Majestic DLC specifically. I think I was playing on a Majestic map in the game before it, so I may have triggered some sort of glitch by sheer luck due to that, but I’ve never seen that happen before in any game I’ve ever played. Has anyone else encountered this kind of glitch or anything like it?

There were originally some issues with halo 4 DLC achievements when the game came out. 343 did release and update in attempt to fix them, the end result was that they seemed to all pop for everyone that loaded up and played on a DLC map. it was never confirmed that this was intentional or not, but nothing bad has come of it. Free achievements I guess

Oh, good to know! I’m kinda disappointed that I dont get to unlock them all myself, but it’s hard to argue with free gamerscore

I see…I unlocked them all too once in a Flood match, but oh well…random rare reward, I guess.