How did the Flood activate the Precursor weaponry?

At the end of the Forerunner-Flood War, the Flood was able to activate some powerful Precursor tech that the Foreruners couldn’t match. I wonder how the Flood was able to unlock this tech, if the Gravemind learned of its ancestors the Precursors. And since the Flood carries Precursor DNA, they would be able to unlock weapons that could wipe out any Forerunner resistance. How do you think the Flood was able to activate the Precursor weaponry?

I think its because they were able to unlock their full precursors heritage when more key minds (a planet sized flood compound mind) and born. This increases their intelligence much further. However i those who read the forerunner trilogy books can give you better info

the flood is extremly smart end of story

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> the flood is extremly smart end of story

Once there are a lot of key-minds

The timeless one was the supposed last living precursor, and he already seemed to be part of the flood when he was killed. The gravemind in silentium was also sort of him but sort of not. The flood likely learned all their neural physics stuff through him.

From my understanding it didn’t really activate weapons or even powerful tech, it was just able to move and re-purpose neural physical structures and use them as invincible cudgels. I getthe impression the precursors didn’t really possess weapons in the traditional sense.

When the Primordial states in Primordium: “It is your task to kill this servant, that another will be freed” he’s referring to his consciousness being transferred over to a Gravemind.

Shortly after this happens is when the Flood learn to use Precursor technology.
This is because the Primordial, after having his conscious transferred, was pulling the strings behind the Flood.