How did the Banished win so easily?

I do wonder how the banished on Zeta Halo managed to win so easily against the UNSC. As in Halo Wars 2, Atriox was having issues beating the Spirit of Fire, yet in Infinite, they seem to beat a fleet relatively easily. Did this Harbinger help them, or was Cortana the one that weakened the UNSC fleet, and the Banished took the opportunity?


The Created devastated the UNSC. The Banished only won because they fought a damaged fleet of the UNSC that wasn’t operating at full capacity.

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Hopefully the way they explain it in the story makes logical sense. Because I’m also of your opinion that it makes no sense how they were able to beat the UNSC and Spartans.

Not really surprised. This is the same franchise that lead to 1 Spartan destroying Halo rings and being a major threat to the Covenant so I think it’s reasonable to assume that some faction out there will be able to hold there own.

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