How did i get banned!!!!!

How did i get banned for a week on my console and accout??? i did nothing wrong!!! please investigate or somthing i have never been banned till now!!! i was playing halo 3 for about 3 days straight non stop!!! then i got off for like 20 minutes and got back on and i was BANNED please help!! what can i do its the only game i have!!! please.

Same old same old…you ALWAYS get banned for a reason… they dnt just ban for nothing…msg… ask a employee for details of why you did

who can i msg? i really did nothing wrong! i want somone to investigate or at least tell me why i got banned!

Ban Information

If you don’t find out why from there, then you are left with many questions, 343i has only showed interest in monitoring Halo: Reach not Halo 3, the ban hammer is automatic in both games so it was always up to the community to tell you why you were banned using your game history, but since Halo 3 lacks that now, you won’t get an official answer.

The most common is either boosting or cheating.