How did Cortana get rid of the Weapon removal program if she was trapped in the Auditorium?

The biggest difficulty of Halo Infinite campaign isn’t to end it in legendary, but to understand what happened in the story!

We know the Weapon trapped Cortana in the Auditorium. In an hologram, when Atriox join her in the Auditorium, she first thought it was John, then she was surprised when she saw Atriox. So, she was so powerless that she was unable to see what was happening outside the Auditorium. I can understand she reached the self-destruction button of the Auditorium, but I can’t understand that she was able to find the Weapon and hacked her to delete her suppression program.
Any suggestion ?

Maybe the weapon trapped her spirit in the Auditorium, preventing her to escape, but she was still able to act from distance, like hacking the weapon

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