How deep does the challenges go?

Are challenges influencing our Matchmaking?

At the start of the lifespan we saw numerous threads with players getting banned for match hopping double digit matches looking for a specific gametype. Where they had regurarly seen the specific gametype prior to getting the challenge, and then not getting it for ages.
I myself got nothing but slayer and total control after needing Stockpile and CTF in BTB for 16 matches straight.

Now, having played extensively over six hours, attrition and whatnot, losing more than winning, but still doing somewhat good, I find myself needing 50 kills in PvP, and suddenly every single opponent, after getting that challenge, has pinpoint accuracy, doesn’t miss a beat and easily put up spawn traps. In Tactical where I’ve excelled and regularly gotten two digit kills, I now struggle to even get over 5 as I can’t even navigate before getting mowed down.

Same thing happened with getting 7500 cumulative points in FFA. Got to the midpoint and then I couldn’t get more than 300 points, and would just get steamrolled constantly, DESPITE doing poorly previously so any MMR should’ve gone down, yet opponent skill just went way up.

Now of course it’s probably a coincidence despite extremely unlikely odds with many of those previous gametypes being left out for an extended amount of matches, and these ridiculously one sided Match ups.

However i343 did say that the they needed to decouple the challenge system from the playlists, because that was an issue with adding more playlists.
How intertwined do they need to be when the challenges are a system which checks what you’ve accomplished, after the match is done, as challenges do not progress while you’re in a game. No progress done if you leave mid-match. So, tin-foil hat on, why couldn’t there be an underlying system in place making it slightly harder to accomplish the challenges?

This all makes sense and I feel like it could be the case as I’ve come across the same issues. I think the challenges should either be removed altogether or just replaced with general challenges like get kills with any weapon or melee and play matches of general playlist type. I’ve come across way too many instances of the challenges being harder to complete because of experiences like what you mentioned or said challenges not counting at all when I fulfill the requirements.

Challenges not counting I would chalk down to glitches, desynchs and so forth. That doesn’t feel intentional. Only the extreme specifics like getting 10 kills in a Team Slayer playlist, and then not counting team slayer in QP and BTB.

However the challenge system influencing what and who we match, while conspiratory, feels, more “consistent”. Decreasing the weight of specific gametypes based on what you need, make it so you’re grouped with players of slightly higher skill despite doing consistently poorly.
Decrease the “enjoyment”, of completing a specific challenge, influence the wastage of a swap, increasing the likelyhood of selling a swap.

I wasn’t saying that it was 343i’s fault for the challenge bugs existing. I was just making the comparison that they can also be difficult to complete with that issue present. Either way, it feels like I’m fighting the game in order to level up rather than actually enjoying it. When I get the challenges that just have me play certain playlists, that’s when I enjoy myself the most. Recently, I got a challenge that was play 3 Attrition matches and after one match that challenge still showed 0/3 matches played. Since that happened, I quit playing for a pit, hoping that they would fix the bugs before the event ends (probably won’t happen, but it doesn’t hurt to have hope).

There is no Team Slayer in QP and BTB, that is just called ‘Slayer’. It’s not the same, so it is meant to not count (if that is fair or not is a different issue ofcourse).