How Custom Objects Could be Used to Make Usable Vehicles

Often I hear people complaining about not having certain vehicles, like Pelicans, Phantoms, Albatross, Spirits, and even Frigates and Corvettes. Well, thanks to a recent thread in General Discussion linking to a video of a building being flown throguh the air by a grav lift ( I got an idea that would let us actually make these vehicles ourselfs. Keep in mind that this is completely based on the idea that making our own objects by grouping others together willl be an available feature, as well as 343i fixing normal objects so that they actually act normal.

Say someone wants a Pelican on their map. They would first make a Pelican and group the objects to save them as a single object, leaving room somewhere for atleast on gravlift for propulsion (4 would, in theory, be ideal). Then they would add the grav lift(s) and set the Pelican to normal. Now, since 343i will hopefully fix the normal setting, in theory you’ll be able to control the Pelican be shooting/wacking the Pelican in the direction you want to move. Stopping would, however, be difficult (but do-able) and would be a lot easier with two people to shoot in bothe directions. This could work for any custom object since Forge objects have no weight (yes, Frigates and Corvettes too).

I hope you like my idea, with support we may be able to persuade 343i to add these features. Any critisism is welcome as long as it stays constructive. :slight_smile:

So much lag. :open_mouth:

> So much lag. :open_mouth:

And actually making custom Grav Lift-powered vehicles pilotable would be insanely difficult, particularly if they’re composed of multiple objects with varying weights and centers of gravity.

It would be 5,000,000 times easyer for 343 to just make Pelican, Phantom, Custom edition rocket hog… ect into the game. Makeing your own vehicles would be way to confuseing, laggy, buggy and over all no point desighning. :slight_smile:

I’m not saying that 343i should do this instead of actually making these vehicles, or that they’d be as good as the actual vehicles. All I’m saying is that if 343i included these features then this could be a possible solution to those vehicles if 343i doesn’t include them. Wether or not you like this idea I’m still going to play around with it when Halo 4 comes out.