how cool would it be to play as 3 species

Imagin this. If we could play as Spartans, Elites and the Promethean Knights?.

Maybe not for halo 4 but in future titles. this could put more open concepts for machinima makers. Gametypes, and Team Slayer having very diversed teams. I know its to early for that. but what do you guy’s think. would that be cool?.

I did ask the same question but I suspect a few things:

1: it IS possible to play as the Sanghelli in Custom Games but I’m not so certain yet

2:I HIGHLY doubt we’ll be playing as the enemy Forerunner A.I since we were just introduced to them,and honestly,though I love my space monkies(spartans) and Dinosaurs(Elites) I can’t help but the shake the feeling that we won’t be able to play as the BugBots(Forunner A.I) though that would be cool though ‘3’

Thats why I said maybe not in Halo 4 but maybe in Halo 5.