How come I can't access my Halo: Reach Files?

I signed into and went straight for my file share. I was submitting videos to Roosterteeth for their popular series Fails of the Weak and before I could finish, my file share ceased function. It quit loading anything. I tried to switch tabs from “FILMS” to “SCREENSHOTS” to “GAME TYPES” but I could not. It doesn’t give me the option to click anything on the File Share anymore. Just the usual buttons, and the option to switch between Halo: Reach and Halo 4 File Shares. I can also switch between the File Share, File Sets, Recent Screenshots, Xbox Downloads, and Tag History. The latter just sends me to an error window, and the others show me the same thing the File Share does. The loading screen. It’s been loading for an hour and a half, and our internet isn’t that terrible. I’ve tried refreshing the tab, closing and reopening it, and opening it in a different browser. I can’t load any results. I also can’t search the File Browser. I tried to look at my account stats and it says that I’ve never even played the game. I have a 1360 gamerscore in Halo: Reach. I’m a Brigadier General or something. I played it. I have many custom game types, maps, films, and screen shots. I can’t access any of them on my computer. Nor anyone else’s. What’s up with that? I can access my Halo 4 File Share just fine. I can get to whatever I need from my Halo 4 File Share, but my Halo: Reach File Share stopped working just before I could get the last few links off to Roosterteeth. It was working perfectly fine for a minute, but now I can’t get it to do jack. I definitely need some help with this. Am I the only person experiencing this issue? What should I do? Do I just need to leave it alone for a while? I need some help over here.

Please disregard that report there, the problem resolved itself as soon as I sent it.