How come 343 hasnt added Heavy varients of maps for BTB????

I loved the Heavy varients in halo 3 i loved all those vehicle battles and every thing else! who agrees with me???

Reach vehicles = Suck fest

Reach vehicles are generally underpowered. Yet, I can speak for many when I say that they are INSANELY FUN and very satisfying.

But these undermine Reach’s vehicle system:
1.) Vehicles have health now.
2.) DMRs and snipers do too much damage.
3.) Couple #2 with the fact that human weapons are hit-scan (their hits register instantly), vehicles are even weaker.
4.) Several anti-vehicle weapons (rockets, plasma launcher, plasma pistol, concussion rifle).
5.) Bullets to vehicles cause them to tumble.

It’s a quintuple-whammy for vehicles. I would be fine with 2 or 3 of these, however the combination of all these factors is killer. How are you supposed to drive a mongoose with the flag across Hemorrhage when it only takes 2 people with DMRs to EASILY take down both players? One person could do it on their own.

TL;DR Vehicles are awesome and should be treated awesomely.

Sorry about the rant, OP. I’m all for Heavy Variants of any map! ;D

> Sorry about the rant, OP. I’m all for Heavy Variants of any map! ;D

i loved the Heavy varients but your right with all that!

I really miss Heavy… I think they need to have more non-invasion maps integrate the tanks. Paradiso was fun for that, except the epic spawn kill problem.