How can you tell if you’re good or a noob in multiplayer?

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Don’t worry bud, we are all noobs to someone.

People who take the time to message someone after the game are the worst. Usually just some form of insult because they won or lost and clearly they have nothing going on in their lives. I usually just reply to their message with either “LOL” or “This is why noone wants to date you” and they usually become furious with their next messages. I think they message you to illicit a reaction so causing one from themselves always feels more hilarious.

Most recently I’ve turned off notifications outside friends list so I don’t even see if someone has messaged me. For the best really as ignoring them is probably also something that annoys them. I don’t want unsolicited messages but you can’t turn them off completely without breaking voice chat. Annoying as I still want to communicate with teammates in ranked, I just don’t want Ohhhh Nova to send me a racist message when I smash the pants off of him in ranked.

Pathetic individuals.

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you shouldnt care lol its part of the game and will never change the toxic part makes the game alot better when you beat them in the long run it really ticks them off even more get better over time and people will leave you alone the toxic players are the ones who are bad lol just ignore it

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ranked is where all the sweats should be also if you dont like competitive players stick to the more casual play lists you find it as competitive

Dont sweat it man, id consider myself a decent to good player and i still have my bad games and get called out. At first id get so pissed but now ill just troll them lol

Well the ranked matches can give you some idea if you are playing like a noob or not. What’s your rank in the ranked matches?

I’ll give a random. Let’s say it’s Platinum 6. Is that good or bad? Even I don’t understand how it’s determined.

everyone at some point was a scrub you just gotta play alot and get better gotta go positive most of the time and you can really rank up pretty quick I am not the best player and usually hold my own against plats and diamonds and struggle against onyx players gotta grind and put time in

Typically having 3x the amount of kills you have deaths is a good indicator. If you’re going 20-3, you’re fine. If your deaths are equal to your kills, you’re getting 1 kill per death so. It’s not great, but you’re still doing it.
Now if you go 3-10, 2-14, 5-18?

That’s probably a little above average. Ranking is a pyramid so silver is average and bronze is below average. Silver and gold are pretty competitive because they have the most people.

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Are you having fun? Yes/No
KDA>1? Yes/No

If one or both are a Yes, you are good to go matey :wink:

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Relock the bandana skull and make it so the door can only be unlocked by those ranking Gold or even Onyx

Doesn’t the skull just work in the campaign?

We’re all noobs sometimes as Ken said. I’ve played Halo for years and competed for a long while now and I still rocket the heck outta myself every now and then LOL

Yeah but the bandana skull is very powerful. Wouldn’t put it past 343 to do this at some point.

Just ignore the stats and play for fun. There will inevitably be matches where you come out of the wash looking like a complete scrub. That’s true of 90%+ of players, good, bad, or average.

If someone’s messaging you about your performance post-game, it says volumes more about them than it does about you. As with all corners of the internet, the general rule of “don’t feed the trolls” will serve you well.