How can you say...

… that Halo 4 is like CoD without seeing how these new features work? What makes you think that they will be exactly the same as CoD?

You might want to put all of these things you have made into one post instead of 4.

OT: People thought that (heck, even I thought that) when things such as ‘Spartan points’, ‘Spartan Ops’, ‘instant spawns’, ‘load-outs’ etc are making their home in Halo 4, that CoD was the culprit.

343i is trying new avenues, some will be a hit, others will flop. That’s just Halo. Things are implemented and tried out throughout the whole series.

That’s because the complainers still suffer from retardness after the Forerunners blasted them back to stone age.

A lot of the features they are adding are kinda self explanatory.