How can you recover a previous saved grade?

My son was at the Field Marshal level earlier today. My younger son played and apparently saved a different grade level: back to warrant officer gr 3. Any ideas on how I can recover the past grade level?

Um, you don’t save what grade you are. It’s connected to your profile and you only get one. Is he using a different profile?

Im guessing this was on xbox live? if it was here are some of the ways people can get credits removed also known as credit reset.

2)Full Party Boosting(the act in which players sign in multiple guests and only use their main account to get kills and such)
3)Idleing(the act in which a player goes many games with out playing in matches)

If your son did none of these then i have no idea what it could of been. It coulda of been a glitch in the game but that rarely happens.

Or like The person above me posted he could be using a different Profile.

None of the profiles that he has show the Field Marshall grade. A seperate grade for my younger son is in the Captain grade, but that is where it was previously at. The Field Marshall grade (profile) that was at this level earlier in the day is now at the Warrant Officer grade 3 level (for the same profile).
The profile still contains all of the earned achievements and awards, but somehow this lower grade level was saved. I am still wondering there is a way to go back and call up the Field Marshall grade (data) and continue forward at this level.
I appreciate the input and responses.

Did you switch from offline to online?

What are both the gamertags?

I may have. I remember changing this yesterday. Let me change it back and take a look.

If you go from an offline profile to online you are downgraded to a sergeant grade 2.

You will not be able to go back to the offline profiles rank once going online. Also you will get a lot less cr per game offline now (50-100cr per game) and have an offline cr cap of 1000cr per day.

Their is a link explaining all of the stuff when going from an offline profile to online.

The gamertags are Striated Rook164 and the other is GUNNAR. All the achievements are saved (the same as before), but the rank (grade) is changed.
Any other thoughts/options.

He also lost his acquired armor and rank. You went back to a random armor that did not reflect his current level. I will try offline to see if anything is different.

The only thing that would come to mind is that he has been playing offline and your other son went online on the account as if you have to much credits while playing offline you will loose a lot of them when you go online as its supposedly easier to gain credits while offline vs online play according to bungie.

Yeah i’m guessing he signed into xbox live and it gave him his live rank(which will always be lower)

was your son playing offline when he got to Field Marshall? if he was then got onto xbox live your rank goes down and all the armour unlocked gets relocked.