How can we keep the AnV playlists alive?

I can allready tell that the population is dieing but i love these playlists!

It will most likely hit a point where there may be only one or two classic playlist left after being narrowed down. I wouldn’t be as sad if the new maps would be easier to get in the default playlists.

Anyone else feeling a little bit bummed?

Agreed. 343i has done a great job with the Anniversary maps and the title update. What they need to do now is implement them on a wider scale.

I should hope that eventually, we’ll see post-TU versions of the current matchmaking playlists alongside the current vanilla-Reach offerings.

I would enjoy some SWAT with modified bloom, Invasion with modified armor lock, or Mulit-Team with melee bleedthrough. Working in the latest Anniversary maps into these playlists would be a great way to keep these maps alive.