How can we express our opinion about XP cap?

I see on a bunch of forums I go on in the Halo 4 section a bunch of negative threads about the XP cap. I come here and see the same.

I hate the XP cap, it seriously might as well be a multiplayer ban for the day. For competitive people, the “fun” in multiplayer isn’t satisfying enough.

We need to find a way to get our voices heard by 343.

I can’t believe this either, I mean, 343 puts all CoD aspects into Halo 4, and I’m not saying it’s a bad thing, but they limit XP. Imagine in CoD if you could only earn 300k a day. That’s like 75-80. There is a god -Yoink!- reason CoD DOESN’T do this.

If you want players to come back to the game 343, then be a bit more like bungie and have weekend events, every few months a playlist update, and invest some more time into spartan ops. You can’t limit your -Yoinking!- players and expect them to come back to the game.

Say I get the XP cap next monday before Black Ops II comes back. I will drop halo 4 so fast because of the bull -Yoink- i got in Halo 4 and whenever I feel like playing it I’ll be like, -Yoink- that I remember last time I played…