How can war games/matchmaking be improved

Hello, I think halo 4 is ok even though I sadly have to say that I am bored of it, reason why is that there is not things to do, there is not enough game types in the play list, there should be more game types from reach and/or halo 3,2,1.
I don’t know why there is no team snipers, king of the hill and slayer pro anymore… thous are classic permanent game types as well as multi teams, and a bunch more of reach and the other games game types. The infection/flood play list now its more fast so I suggest it have 5 rounds.

In order to safe custom games I suggest to create a server lobby that have 2 options to join or host a game, if you are hosting you select the game and game type you have/created/need to test, press a button to start searching for people, and just like matching, if you select the option to join a custom game you going to join a hoster game and he can test his/her map, he can also select how many people its going to enter to the lobby, and give an option to make suggestions and like the map and if it is really good and have allot of like the map and game type if the creator agrees, go to norma play list.
In my opinion this would be great way to give feed back to forgers and to help others to test maps and stuff like that, if you (343i if you read this) can’t make this on halo 4 it would be awesome to see it on Halo 5.

I am not that sure that 343i reach this but if someone like this and have influences please get this to be reader by them. This are some ideas i have and i have seem that would make the game more interesting, spartan ops is great keep doing that great job.

A normal halo franchise follower with some ideas.
My gamer tagg is Free runner852 just in case.