How can I work on not getting killed so much?

Go in to training mode, change the weapons to whatever ones you want to practice with, then change three settings, Turn infinite ammo on, set enemy bots to ‘Spartan’ difficulty, and turn deathless (I think that’s what it’s called) on. That way you develop your aim, while feeing like you are getting shot at. It makes you less twitchy in real games, as well as helping you hit the shots. I do it for 5 mins every time before going in to ranked.

And as others say, stick with teammates as much as you can in the early days. It allows you to pick off the odd kill and get a bit of help when you need it.

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You sure went to a lot of effort for a troll post.

TC is looking for advice to improve. Blaming the establishment will not help TC improve. Fighting people beyong his skill level is not what he’s concerned about.

It’s just that you can’t learn if you don’t get up off the ground. When you face someone far superior to you, you don’t even have time to breathe. So I do believe that the question is about having opportunities. And for that you have to face people with rank equal to yours.

-when you feel you will die in the fight you can throw a grenade to kill the enemy.

-when someone run after me after losing a fight i like to crouch in a corner and hit him. alot of people are getting trick by this.

shoot at each other, throw a grenade, let it do its damage while you are cover than finish him.

but the most effective one is stick with your teammate. you dont need to be better than your opponent, you just need to win the fight, even if it’s not fair.

and don’t care too much about K/D. do you think a good driver is “bad” base on it’ K/D while mixed with a good gunner or a flag carrier.

Always try to have at least 1 grenade. You spawn with two frags, but you’ll throw those sooner or later. I usually look for stickies or dynamos, since dynamos are really good.

Learn the guns:

  • Some are Automatic
  • Some are Headshot capable
  • How much damage they need to do to shields, head or body for a kill
  • Learn how much damage you need to do to get a 1 hit melee
  • Some guns have faster melees (pistols)
  • Others do more melee damage (bayonets)

Become a warthog driver for friends. Your gunner will love you.

Go into customs and learn weapons spawns and how the rotating pads work.

There’s only one reason you ever die in Halo: Overextending out of cover.

Halo is different from other shooters because of its rechargeable shield mechanic, meaning you will almost never die instantly unless it’s a power weapon 1 shotting you. This indirectly means as long as you have easy access to cover, you will, logicially speaking, never die to someone shooting you.

This is why well designed maps are fun because it’s a constant scissor paper stone game of shooting, cover, grenades to flush people out, and shooting.

The one reason why newer players die alot in Halo is because they rushdown and overextend. This however, is also encouraged in H5 with their armor abilities, which is why I find most H5 players ultra aggressive and feed kills too much.

If you want to prolong your survival, learning the map is key, because if you see someone you want to kill, you should position yourself into a position where you can LoS the target, yet you yourself aren’t immediately out in the open while going for the kill. Watch how pros play the game. They always go for positions that they can easily break LoS before starting their gunfights unless they are 100% sure they can make a quick kill and get away.


The weapon drills weapons and the weapons in game function differently. For instance drills mangler is 3 shot kill in game its 4 shots

I don’t think that’s correct, but I can’t test it atm. I’m fairly certain mangler kills in three. I’m also skeptical of the claim that weapon drill weapons are different from match-made counterparts.

Mangler is 3 shot kill to the torso. Or 1 hit + melee.

Don’t be afraid to just play support more until you get better. Don’t push to engage and instead work on setting up kills for a teammate. Put a shot or two into an enemy and back off a little instead of trying to challenge for a trade or lucky kill that leaves you in the red. If you play off where your teammates are on the map this can work even if you’re not using mics

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It’s 3 shots if the last shot is a headshot, it’s 4 otherwise. Some of the training drill weapons are bugged and use older versions of the weapons as damage ratios.

You are not doing anything wrong, forget the advices they won’t work… bear in mind that when you are in a multiplayer game you will probably came across ppl that have more skills than you, there are kods playing the game non stop ( I saw some players doing 14 kills in less than 3 minutes ???).
You will also came across people playing in groups and communiting each other, if you are playing alone you won’t have a chance in those scenario.
I believe that 343 industries needs to improves the matchmaking urgently if they don’t want to frustrate the current and the potential new players.
It doesn’t make any sense to mix up average and casual players with top performers or PC players against console players, the same with matches where one team is made by organised groups Vs single players.
Also the constant changes and bugs in the game don’t help.
I witnessed so many weird things happening when playing , I regret upgrading to the XSS for Halo I finally got the confirmation that Microsoft doesn’t deserve ppl money…they just don’t care!

Never chase, and withdraw if youre outnumbered.
Dont feed the other team easy kills