How can I work on not getting killed so much?

So, apparently, I’ve been doing pretty bad in some of the last few rounds. As usual, my death ratios has been higher than my kill ratios, like how I did in some of the past Halo games. I’ve already suffered one too many defeats in my years of playing the game online, and quite frankly, I’ve been getting a little frustrated.

Some players obviously had the advantage on me, whereas I’ve been just terrible in that field of trying to win matches. I think it’s maybe because I’ve been a little too aggressive with charging in, or I’m just not being aggressive enough to get the upper on players. I’ve also been having a hard time with using the weapons more correctly to be effective against enemy players. And my aiming isn’t always so steady. I tried adjusting the sensitivity on the vertical and horizontal settings to see if that can help improve my aim, but I don’t think it’s been doing much.

So I don’t suppose that there’s some ways I improve on my skills so that I’m not always doing so bad when I’m going up against other players? I think my skills are about average, maybe below it, but I want to try to do better instead of sucking so much. I get tired of being the weak link in my team.


I’d recommend mastering all the weapon drills to start with. It will give you a decent feel for all the weapons.


I’m no pro, but most players are too aggressive in normal situations. Always play with cover to try and limit the site angles on you. It is usually better to live than to trade, so don’t be afraid to retreat until you have better support from your team.


Disclaimer: I’m not a pro, so don’t take my advice as gospel.

The best advice I can give to help you die less is:

  1. Learn how to run away.
    I’m not saying to play like a coward or run from every fight, what I mean is, know when to push and when to retreat. Simply walking straight at the enemy while holding the trigger is a good way to trade kills, but more than likely you’ll just get finished off by his teammate. If you can, try to stay mid range from enemies and always have an exit route.
    My motto for slayer is: “The enemy can’t win if they can’t kill me.”
    I’ve seen games where people tallied up 25 kills but lost anyways because they died 24 times, putting more pressure on their teammates not to die. I consider a 5-1 k/d very good, even if you didn’t kill the enemy often.

    It’s crazy good in this game and just straight up beats ARs and BRs.
    In general practice with every gun and find the ones you like and avoid the ones you don’t.


Have you considered gitting gud

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I would say, figure out what range your tend to have more success in and pick up the weapons best suited to that range. You will find some weapons are much better at cutting through online lag than others. Secondly, try to shadow one or two of your teammates. Instead of leading the charge, be their guardian angel and try to double team the enemy along with them. You may “steal” some kills but you will slowly find yourself getting better with your aim and movements to the point where you’ll be able to hold your own in a one-on-one with the enemy. Though I still recommend trying to maintain numerical superiority when fighting the enemy.


When you aim use your left stick. You get aim assist when you are moving your left stick. Also try to stay near your team but not on top of them to get different angles on enemies. It’s also good to rotate around the edges of the map instead of running more out in the open.

Starting out you may want to make sure you stick close to your teammates. They can help back you up when it comes to enemy encounters. Eventually you will start to really get a feel for the game.

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I’ll tell you what I learned about myself over the years. Growing up, I was always a PvE player, dreaded the very thought of going up against other people because I figured it would always end with me getting frustrated because I’d always get stomped.

My first time playing PvP was Halo 3 and as you can imagine, I was cheeks at the concept of facing real people. Over time though, I got better and better, the best advice I can give you is this.

  1. Learn which weapons are your strongest and which are your weakest.

Knowing which weapons you do best with can give you a general idea of what kind of playstyle you have. This will help you generalize where you should focus your combat with. So if you’re great with a shotgun, you’re likely to be a close to mid range kind of player. So it’s best to pick weapons that you can fight in close quarters with.

  1. Pick your battles wisely

The worst thing you can do is run in guns a blazing to a fight that’s out of your favor. Going back to the strength and weakness of weapons again, the one thing you want to avoid is running out into the open if you’re a close range kind of player while the enemy has the high ground. Or if you’re a precision kind of player, getting into close quarters may spell doom for you.

Just as well, the weapons you choose will dictate what kinds of fights you can pick. If you have a shotgun and a pistol, you might want to avoid instigating that Sniper who’s been taking everyone’s head off. That is unless you can get the jump on him from behind.

  1. Maybe favor a buddy system

If you find that the enemy is outnumbering you for easier kills or that you just can’t seem to win 1v1’s, try tailing a team mate. If they get killed, you might have a shot at killing their opponent. If they get into a fight, you can lend a hand.

  1. Always warm up before jumping in

Even if it’s just to jump into BOTS training or running the weapon drills, always get some warm ups in before jumping into PvP. Going straight into PvP without warming up is like waking up in the morning and jumping right into an ice cold pool. You’re not ready for it and your brain is certainly going to question your decisions lol.

  1. Utilize the environment for cover and advantage

There are going to be times where you’ve taken a lot of damage coming out of one fight and another opponent appears like a wild Pokemon encounter. By using the environment for cover, you might score another kill.

Just as well, taking the high ground can win you more fights than fighting on an even playing field. Even having the lower ground can be beneficial if you have the element of surprise.

  1. Be unpredictable

The one thing players love to do when someone leaves their line of sight, is to lob grenades where they think their opponent is going to go next or where they are sitting. So if you duck behind a pole, don’t just sit there and don’t run out the other side. If possible, find a further vantage point to hide that is a bit further from your opponent.

  1. Listen for enemy weapons usage

A lot is going on in a game, but if you can muster the ability to listen to what kinds of weapons the enemy is using, it’ll help you pick your battles more easily. For instance you hear 4 different types of arms fire; a rocket launcher, a sniper rifle, a pulse carbine, and a commando.

The rocket shots were relatively far away, the sniper was also considerably distant, the commando is right around the corner, and the pulse carbine has stopped shooting. Your obvious target for now is the commando user since the PC user is likely dead or looking for ammo/targets and has wandered off, and the heavy weapons users are out of range.

  1. Learn the weapons on each map and the ammo count

Straight to the point. Knowing which weapons spawn where and how much ammo they typically start with will help you engage against potentially stronger opponents. Especially power weapon ammo. So also paying attention to when the power weapons drop will help too.

It all seems like a lot to take in, but you’d be surprised that once you learn how to do it all, it just becomes second nature when you’re playing. Remember to understand though that everyone has their skill floor and skill ceiling, you can potentially be the best player, but don’t put yourself down if you only become average at best. After all, it’s about having fun, so if you can have some fun with what you can do, then you’ll find that’s often more than enough.

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Find the best player in your team and follow them.

Initially stay about 5-10m behind them and give covering fire. If they throw a grenade - throw one as well (making sure they are not running into the splash zone).

Sticking with your (best) team-mates is the best way not to die.

Once you get the hang of the maps run with them but through different paths of the map. So that you are more “swarming” with them.

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Thats the neat part, you dont. I would say run weapon drills, look at what your team mates are doing, and follow them.

Stick with your teammates whenever you can help it, gather up and use information about the position of both your team and enemies as you go (either by “calling out” or pinging, or simply remembering), and position yourself in places where you won’t be fighting losing battles. But most importantly, make sure not to rush, both literally and metaphorically.

Mechanical skill is important, but only half of the battle. Everything else is a game of map control, positioning, and sandbox usage.

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Main reasons you die is enemy has a better weapon, enemy has a better position, enemy outnumbers you, or enemy has a better aim. So think about how to get ahead of that where possible.

When you die think about what you did wrong, or how the enemy stopped you. When you get into similar scenarios in the future you can use it to determine what works more than it doesn’t. Practice and you will get better at judging what to do, as long as you try to actively think about what you’re doing then at some point it becomes second nature. The, I’m dying a lot, how to do I fix this mindset has turned around many games for me where I’ve opened 1-4.

I watch the pro tournaments and learn a lot about the sightlines they use that I’ve overlooked and how they move around the map.


Delete the period at the end of that link or just look up the forum post. I have a lot of tips on aiming that should help. Its too much to type out every time so i made a post to help people and some others have commented on the post with even more helpful tips.

When my game starts to struggle it is usually because I’m playing too aggressively right from spawn and neglect map control.

Control power weapons and power ups. Don’t sprint. These things usually bring me back into the swing of it.

Only The Hardcore are still playing this content deprived game right now…when they bring content at season 2 the casuals will come, myself included…you can get more kills during events cause we the casuals log in and play for 1-2 days till we get the loot and then forget the game once again.

Okay, and? Your point?

I agree with most advice here, a few things to add:

Study the maps, and have an overall strategy for each one. This gives your gameplay direction and purpose. For instance, on launch site I know exactly where and when the ghost spawns and will try to be there each time. Otherwise I’m going to find a BR and cover street while patrolling bridge to comms tower.

Just have a game plan. Helps a lot. Even if you are doing poorly the game plan is still- ok I’m going to push this area and try to wrest back some map control and move the needle back in my favor.

Watch a few pro streams of the top teams. Some clips are on Youtube too. Dont have to do EXACTLY everything that they do, but they do show some things that can be of use to anyone of any skill level to better their play, little by little. I do this and I usually tend to stay in a positive K/D, even, or just a few deaths over. I am no where near being a pro though. But watching how they played, helped me play better for sure.

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You are not to blame for that.
If this game worked well, you would only face players of your level and play and have fun and improve. As it is a disaster of the game, you will be matched with platinum people or diamonds with double accounts and you will always end up massacred. That is the harsh reality. The fault is not yours.