How can i turn off HDR

My display is LG 34GK950F,RX6800,Windows 11.
Whenever I enter the game, it will force HDR on. The image is very gray, except in window mode.
Please fix this bug as soon as possible! Or add the option to turn off HDR directly


go to your windows settings and turn off HDR

It’s not a bug, it’s a setting on your monitor. It needs to be calibrated or disabled directly from the monitor’s settings.

Yes, it is usually like this, but I have turned on the HDR function of the monitor

The windows settings tell me that my HDR function is turned off

Start the game, the display prompts that the HDR function has been automatically turned on. But what I see is a gray image

Same problem here it looks gray and uglty, changing the windows setting doesnt help

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same problem I tried to do a benchmark but when in fullscreen mode its grayed out.

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Same issue here same monitor and RX6800XT getting sick of unplugging cable starting Halo on second monitor then plugging UW back in, Just give us an HDR toggle.

Same problem here, terrible problem with Halo Infinite turning on HDR, though its turned off in Windows 11. I have a gigabyte CV32Q monitor and AMD 6600 XT graphics card. Terrible gray screen. Looks horrible. How do we turn this off?

I have a similar setup as OP. It is not possible to disable HDR. Enabling windows HDR makes the game look better, but it makes all of my other content look worse. I would rather not have to change display settings before and after playing a game. Please add a toggle in the game settings to disable HDR

Same for me 6900xt and moitor hp omen x27 240hz wqhd, monitor has no hdr toggle but shows and siwtches to hdr when hdr content is delivered. anyone… pleeease… help us…

This article on the Halo Support site has some HDR information that my be of some help: