how can i improve for competitive

Good day I have a question like I can do to improve my presicion or how to deco configure my control my gt is phowar ut I want to improve more and enter better a competitive a thank you suggestions

Controller/look sensitivity settings vary wildly among high skill players. Its definitely something you’ll need to experiment with and figure out what works best for you. My suggestion would be to start on a very low sensitivity and gradually increase to something comfortable, but not to something so high that you’re over aiming. I have look acceleration at the lowest setting because, at least to me, it seems much higher in H5 compared to previous titles and other FPS games in general, and was my biggest issue with over aiming when I first started playing H5. Another thing that has helped me immensely is playing with an Xbox Elite or SCUF controller. Having A, B, X, Y on the bottoms of your controller so you never have to take your fingers off the tumbsticks may not seem like much, but it makes a massive difference in gameplay.

Apart from that, the biggest thing you can do to help yourself is to learn the weapon loadouts, spawn points, and control points of the maps you’re playing on, and how those maps play in specific gametypes. Try to stick with your teammates, don’t run off by yourself off every spawn in an attempt to get multi kills or go on massive sprees in a gametype like CTF.

well many thanks will always try to play only most of my time I handle a sensibility 3 but I have been affected since I tried to improve but I continue decallendo and I manage to maintain very little

OP, I’d suggest tinkering with the sensitivity first as leak mentioned. I’d also look into training with someone, I worked with a lot of good Halo players that beat on me in customs back in the day and it’s helped me become a smarter and more accurate player.

Look up gameplays by pros and study them, see what they do and see how they work. Listen to their callouts and watch for patterns in their strategies. This will help a lot in terms of knowing what to look for competitively, but in terms of individual skill, playing with (AND against) people who are better than you is huge.

Definitely look for super sweaty custom games and get the life beaten out of you, it’ll force you to become a better player.

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> Definitely look for super sweaty custom games and get the life beaten out of you, it’ll force you to become a better player.

That is the tried and true method lol

Practice makes perfect!

Start by finding someone at your level or above and 1v1 a lot on different maps, this will help improve your shot. While you do this try finding teams to play with and learn strats and teamwork. Once you are past that teams level you can keep moving up to new teams. This makes it sound easy but it will be very hard. Most players need to be dedicated when getting better if you dont care your chances will fall.


I just completely creep’d your stats. You are an onyx players in most playlists in seasons where you have played a lot. You’ve ranked champ in slayer.

This makes you already much much better than me and I have no advise for you lol.

Except maybe by looking at your history playing more consistently. You seem to play at a very high level, then disappear for a month and come back and rank lower.

I dont know what to tell you though. If you play at a champ level, you’ve pretty much figured competative play out and most of the posters on waypoint can’t help you anymore lol.