How can I get a Halo Beta key???

How can I get a Halo Beta key???

Don’t think you can anymore as it is the last day. For future flights (if any), just be a Halo insider for your preferred platform by clicking on your profile icon in top right and going to the halo insider button, then opt in for your platform and also upload your DxDiag file if you opt in for pc.

Damn bro i have one but why don´t you ask early?

Where can you find a friend code? I thought the insider flights were purely linked to the insiders profile.

I mean I know this round is over but I just want to know where to look for future flights to help out my lazier friends.

For future flights make sure you or your friends register as a halo nsider. The flight that has just ended was a big one, which is why the friend codes were there. I doubt there will be another flight that big that would have friend codes, Unlless they do another big flight.
If that was to hapoen, you would need to follow 343’s instructions

Closing as the flight has now ended