How can I find out population of Halo 5?

When I play the multiplayer, there is usually little people that join the games. From focused, balanced, and expanded, usually takes the same amount of time for me to find a game. Which is usually 3 minutes. And the second game after is usually over 15 minutes. I remember when Halo 5 came out, it took just 3 seconds until a game was found.

Any way I can see a current population for Halo 5 or anyone knows either way?

You can’t…all you can do is estimate it from the Xbox most played list. Compare it’s position from games that have population counts that you can see…H5 is down to 24th place. I am playing MCC tonight and finding games in BTB and it’s down to 49th

Recently I tried h5 again after a long break. Turns out on Monday and Tuesday I couldn’t find any matches on balanced. On expanded it took me approximately 10 minutes to find a match in wz and those were extremely laggy. Wanted to try out some of the new social playlists, however I couldn’t find a game even on expanded. I live in middle europe definitely not the worst place for matchmaking yet halo 5 during the week is unplayable for me unfortunately. Seems like the last bits of population chunks are in murica given the lag I got on expanded. Imo, h5 is dead.

There is population thread linked below