How can I avoid the Spoliers?!

I’m dying to play Halo 5.
Now that some people have found the ending (don’t know where, luckily), I am going into to full lockdown mode.

If it were a COD game, I could care less for spoilers, but not for Halo.
Any tips for going dark and fighting the temptation to know everything before Halo 5 comes out?!

How will I last 2 more weeks?

unplug wifi.

Just run away! Run away and never look back!

Keep to waypoint. Don’t watch HaloFollower, don’t read comments on Halo videos. Stay away from suspicious sounding threads. Keep away from sites like Reddit, -Yoink!-’s /v/ board, Neogaf, etc.

Basically any sites that don’t mind spoilers, don’t touch. If you follow those, you should be fine.

Just 14 more days, then the wait will finally be over. Good luck, and do your best.

Just convince yourself that saving yourself from spoilers and playing Halo 5’s campaign for the first time way outweighs watching Halo news videos until then.

I’m with you, but part of me just wants to hear whether people who have played it feel it is good. I’m not going to hunt the sites to find out, though. Why can’t we just get spoiler free thoughts without some you-know-what jumping in to spoil everything?

You must go dark. Cut yourself off from the world. Stock up on food and water, then wait until the day and hour comes. I bid you good luck.

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> Keep to waypoint.

Even this isn’t a guarantee, sadly. I’m good but I DO need to sleep at some point.

Don’t click these.

If you really want to keep up with gaming news I’d say keep to the established sites that don’t post spoilers. Avoid comment sections on anything except maybe the waypoint forums since those will be policed pretty thoroughly by mods. Or you can just lock yourself in a bunker for two weeks :slight_smile:

I’ve managed to get good at averting my eyes the second I stumble upon a spoiler, but I try to just avoid them as often as possible.

Keep clear of comment sections. All articles, videos, etc. Don’t read the comments.

Most written articles published through established companies will typically say early on if it’s full of heavy spoilers, light spoilers, or spoiler-free. Depending on your preference, picking the latter two should be fine.

Stick to all released content from 343 to hold you over. Re-watch the trailers, the commercials, read the official blog updates, watch videos on the Halo Channel, listen to Hunt the Truth.

Keep to the waypoint forums, but I’d recommend during peak hours. Late mornings to early evenings when the mods are up and active to keep the spoilers under control. Getting on early in the morning or late at night opens the window to be spoiled a bit.

and a more extreme option…

Go completely dark and start your Halo CE-4 run. Try to finish it all and Spartan Ops before the 27th (bonus points for some achievement hunting)

Stop coming here for starters…

Honestly just distract yourself. I got the uncharted collection on ps4 to keep me busy. Was going to get it anyway so was perfect timing.

Honestly, don’t even Google “Halo”.

All it takes is for your eyes to fall on the wrong sentence in one of the search results and then you can never unsee it.

I was once exposed to a HUGE spoiler for a game I was playing just by googling the game. It only took several words, I read them in an instant and that was that. It was in the paragraph under the 2nd or 3rd search result. Really pissed me off.

If the ending has been leaked recently then it’s more or less big news right now. Stay far far away.

Going dark is a good option.