How Can Anyone Call the Sidekick Balanced?

Optimal ttk is significantly more difficult to get with the Commando which is why it outclassed by the Sidekick. It’s just not consistent enough to be viable, there’s a reason hardly anybody uses it.

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The Heatwave is extremely good, people are just using it wrong. You can two shot someone from a longer range than the AR or Sidekick is even viable, and the ricochet is actually easy to control and manipulate. It outclasses they bulldog in every possible way. Also it does significant damage to vehicles, making it a multi threat weapon.

I know that. I Just can’t ever get to it in time to pick it up. Plus, they really need to get the projectile speed tweaked a bit.

343? (Bungie)Mate it been even stated by the devs that the MD6 in the original Halo:CE was actually op by a last minute tweak.

“Bad at Halo” lul.

But the projectiles are so painfully slow that anybody who is halfway decent and isn’t caught by surprise could reliably dodge enough of them at those ranges the AR and Sidekick fall off at that there’s no point in not just closing distance with them. There are also very few spaces where this out-ranging is realistically possible

Optimal ttk is difficult to get with the sidekick as well. Not to mention the huge range advantage the commando has on the sidekick.

*Buffed, not OP. It’s no more OP than the BR in later games as it fills the exact same role (yet far less oppressively)
Dev statements on balance are also not Gospel and shouldn’t be treated as such. These are the same people who saw no problem with Lock-On Rockets and the Splaser until people told them how ridiculous they were.

And you know what…. It was fun!!! Everyone could get them, it was balanced! Halo mp always was more fun, it didn’t really really become an issue until the esport stuff came into play.

Getting close to the optimal ttk is far easier with the sidekick than Commando. Optimal ttk with the Commando is so unrealistic to attain that it shouldn’t even be used in a discussion like this. It’s trying to argue that the CE pistol is OP because it can theoretically kill in 3 shots when in reality that’s a relatively uncommon occurrence.

If you don’t remember people complaining about the Sword, Rockets and BR in H2 then you weren’t around back in the day. People complained so much that they got nerfed pretty hard in H3 compared to what they were in H2.

I rarely pick it up without getting multiple kills and assists in no time, often using it as a mid range weapon out of the optimal range of the sidekick. The vertical shot is the way to go. The horizontal fire mode is really only good in a corridor, which is a bad place to be in this game Because grenades are so powerful.

It’s one of very few “power” weapons worth trading an AR for honestly.

So landing 7 consecutive shots with the sidekick is easier than landing 8 with the commando? I’ve seen some pretty good commando players around.

yes, the sidekick has significantly more auto aim and bullet magnetism, less recoil, and a faster fire rate

Case in point, this is how much they nerfed the Commando:

Uuuhh yeah? It’s ROF is higher than the Commando with less recoil and it has pretty generous magnetism

I know how to use it, it’s more of a matter of “Is it better than just moving slightly closer with the ar” which in my experience it usually isn’t. Maybe it plays better at different ranks.

EVERY weapon is broken if you play in console, bullet magnetism is the thing that breaks them all, every weapon has bullet bloom, but magnetism counters it completely, you play on PC everything feels way more balanced, but then you find some console player who lasers you across the map with the BR without even scoping in, they really should do something about it, it is not the sidekick, it is the magnetism.

It SHOULD indeed reward the skill, so in terms of damage and firerate is okay, but what is not okay is when it gets HOMING bullets.

For your information, 90% of console players are gonna aim “close” to your head but never into it, because people move around, and if you clip their head and they move slightly, your reticle will end up just aside to it, and that is when the magnetism comes in play, when it should not, because it has a small circle in the center, that is supposedly where the shot will hit, not the edges.

For your information. I didn’t ask. The aim assist works fine.
If you’re sooo upset about aim assist, turn off crossplay and play with your inputs.

My regular squad hates the sidekick. People are not even using the AR and just starting a gunfight with the sidekick and winning. Also getting sniped with the sidekick from way beyond any realistic range for a pistol is incredibly annoying.

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It’s 100% true along with the AR being too good

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