How Can Anyone Call the Sidekick Balanced?

Proof of Bullet Magnetism:

Proof of Gameplay Function:

I understand the argument that the range is a limitation, and that’s entirely valid. I feel like the mid-long range fighting with the weapon is in a perfect place. It works but isn’t the best choice, but is a viable option if it’s all you have.

My issues with the weapon come solely from what it does to close and close-mid range gunplay in this game. The first video above shows the immense bullet magnetism the weapon possesses, which is easily abusable through spamming. The second video showcases how people commonly use the weapon…ie as a spammable pocket SMG.

I liken it to the vanilla bolt shot from the launch of Halo 4. It was a weapon that dominated gameplay and became irreplaceable as a “sidearm”, as well as a crutch for people unskilled at typical gun fighting with weapons like the BR and DMR. As it stands, there is no reason to trade the sidekick for 90% of the weapons in the game, and when it can be found in ranked it is quite literally a power weapon due to its immense matchup benefits against a BR outside of long range.

People that like it don’t like it because it’s balanced, they like it because it’s so powerful and they are leaning on it as a crutch. But when the gameplay and especially the gunplay is based on randomly spamming the trigger as fast as possible the entire game, the game itself suffers and the core strategy for winning becomes sloppy gameplay mechanics.

I expect a lot of irritation from fans of the weapon, but as I said they don’t love it because it’s balanced in the first place, so any upset commentary is just confirmation.


The sidekick is one of the weakest weapons in the game. What do you mean it’s a power weapon? It’s got 12 bullets and you need 7 for the optimal ttk. 10 if you spam the body and mind you, this is if you’re close enough.

Both videos you posted are horridly disingenuous. The aim assist video shows you shooting enemies that are standing still. Nobody shoots with the edge of the reticle barely touching the enemy. Can you not spread misinformation?


It’s almost like you’re so blinded by your love for the weapon that you didn’t even read or understand the point


No. I’m seeing clearly. It’s you that’s blinded.

Who shoots with the reticle barely touching the enemy intentionally?

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Yeah I’ve noticed at times that it’s random. Sometimes I spam and it does nothing but other times I spam and it actual kills. I’ve had ppl kill me when I shot first with an AR solely because they spammed their pistol as fast as possible


People who spam the trigger as fast as possible, which is most of the people in the game currently

So what? The gun ain’t outgunning anything past close range.

It has more range than people pretend it does. In 4v4 it’s easily able to land shots from anywhere, even if the kill potential decreases a bit. Still, putting 3 shots on an enemy across the map makes them easy for a closer teammate to kill. The weapon is in a frustrating position right now, because the scenario I just mentioned is great. It’s the literal everything else part that’s the problem. Why pick up the bulldog or the plasma pistol or the disruptor, etc? The Sidekick beats them all. Why pick up the Commando? The Sidekick does the same job but faster and it’s easier to land shots with. Do you see the issue here?

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Because the commando is good overall at all ranges. It has a optimal ttk of 1.14s which is nearly identical to the optimal ttk of the AR and sidekick. Because of this, the only thing deciding the outcome of a battle is range, accuracy and fire rate.

That’s called team shooting.

  1. No, the sidekick beats the commando at close and close-mid range with spam fire. It’s The better option outside of btb.

  2. That’s my point, teamshooting is good. The problem is the spam ability and blazing fast ttk, making gameplay chaotic at best, and campy at worst. It’s not where it needs to be overall for a good experience.

Not at mid range. You’re really pushing it once you reach that area. The sidekick has terrible accuracy outside of close range. That’s where a Commando has an opportunity to capitalize on opponents challenging them with the sidekick in hand.

You’re talking about two weapons with a nearly identical kill time going head to head. Of course the a skilled sidekick user has the potential to one up the occasional commando main. That’s why you don’t challenge it close range. After all it really was meant for long range engagements.

And that’s the main shortcoming of the sidekick. Spamming comes at a heavy cost. Bloom. Mind you that both the commando and sidekick have this mechanic.

Before the nerf, the commando’s optimal killtime was 1 second. Now its 1.14. That’s only .04 seconds longer that the sidekick’s optimal killtime. Sidekick may have a time advantage compared to the rifle but it’s not by much.

One missed shot and you’re toast. Which is why the weapon isn’t as overpowered as you think. It’s actually pretty neat when you think about it.

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The first video showcases how the spamming mechanic is actually benefitted by bloom. Bloom increases the cone of randomness that a bullet can fire from when the trigger is pulled. But by increasing the cone, you increase the potential to activate the bullet magnetism. Spamming closely “missed“ shots actually makes them hit more consistently. It’s why any nobody with a controller is able to melt people by spamming the sidekick. Halo pros are getting destroyed by NoobKisser69 in 1v1 sidekick fights because of the randomness being encouraged by it.

Try to play a match without it and see what a difference it makes


The recoil needs reduction.

I think reduce the rate of fire just a tiny bit, enough to keep the ttk the same, and make it kill in one less bullet. That way, it’s not about spamming it but rather aiming your shots well.

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The second video was literally just normal gameplay, not disingenuous at all. It basically shows what most players are going to experience when faced against the sidekick.

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Gosh…seeing the sidekick out perform most weapons in the sandbox…just, why?! Like, the AR is a freaking automatic rifle, how can a pistol, a side arm, out perform that?! Out performing the BR makes zero sense, same with the Commando. These are supposed to be high powered weapons and they’re being beat out by a pistol. If it was the magnum that would be a different story, but the sidekick? For real? Feels awful in practice and sounds awful on paper. I hope they rebalance the sidekick soon, cause it does not feel good where it currently sits.

Wait no. No that’s not what’s happening. That cone represents the accuracy over sustained fire. The outer cone is the one for bullet mag.

Bullet mag is already activated once the reticle turns red.

I have played without a sidekick and can melt people. We both play differently so I don’t see how playing without it solves much.

It’s cut parts of different encounters with the sidekick. Why would you cut parts of the gameplay showcasing the power of the sidekick is it’s “op?”

Doesn’t make any sense.

If it’s op, wouldn’t you see that pop out in the same match?

What exactly do you think that video is showing

I mean, what could I confirm with that gameplay? It’s not doing anything outlandish. Just a bunch of clips meshed together. As a far as Halo ttk goes, I think we’ve peaked. Everything looks fast.

I think what you don’t like is the ttk and not the sidekick.