How big will the next campaign will be?

I think it’s fairly likely that Infinite will have future campaigns or DLC added down the line, especially if they intend to keep it going for the next several years. With that aside, something I’m wondering is how big the next campaign? Do you think that the DLC will be the size and length of a regular Halo campaign and be akin to Halo 7, or do you think it will be around the size of ODST or something akin to 1 of the earlier Destiny expansion campaigns or the Ancient Gods expansions for Doom Eternal? I’m hoping for the latter, and given I don’t expect it to release next year, but late 2024, which will give the team plenty of time to make the campaign as big as they can. Would love to hear your thoughts.

They’ve gaurenteed that its coming, and unfortunately I think I heard 2025 being thrown around for a potential release date.
As for size, I sort of got the impression they were just going to be adding more areas onto the map like other open world expansions. My thought is that The Pilot will fly you to another area of the ring once you beat all the main activities in the base campaign, and you’ll start all over again, maybe they’ll even think up some lousy excuse to rid us of all our upgrades when we enter the new area.
All in all, I think its something to look forward to. The flood pretty much have to show up eventually, so optimism is certainly justified despite the long dev time.

I get the feeling we won’t be playing in the current environment in the new, but a new segment of the ring, being desert and possibly more. Would you prefer more open levels like they did with this new campaign or having more linear missions?

Too be honest, I feel like they really hit the sweet spot with the mix of linearity and open world. The only real complaint I have with the whole thing was that they seemed to think that every mission had to be set in a samey forerunner facility.
I’d like the linear missions to be set in a variety of places, Halo 3 being the shining example.

And, obviously, the more biomes they stick in the open world the better. I like the north-midwest look as much as the next fellow, but it is exhausting for it to be the only option.