How bad is H5 placement system? 75/123 k/d..Plat1?

I know I’m bad. You don’t need to tell me. But I was hoping to improve as I make my way up from the bottom. I don’t expect to reach the top. But, you know, I was hoping to try to improve. But somehow I got placed in Platinum 1 after 10 SWAT matches…which just means I’m going to get murdered over and over and over…ad infinitum. After placing close to last/last in most of my placement matches and ending up with a 5/5 w/l record and a 75/123 k/d, it’s just perplexing that I’d end up in P1. My record is sad, I know. (I also know that you tireless troll folk out there will see fit to mercilessly beat me with your troll club, and that is your birthright. Carry on.) But wtf is up with this placement system? I want my iron ranking! I earned it!!

I did really well in my matches and got diamond but my friend who is way worse than me got onyx. It’s wonky as hell.