How are we suppose to Converse if posts keep getting banned?

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I get it. A lot of sensitive topics get mentioned but if no one is out right flaming eachother or threating eachother I don’t see why a post should be removed. It’s also pretty clear that some people are on here more than others. This can create an echo chamber. When enough people in the echo chamber gets upset about something than can mass report a post.

The post “it really is sad” got banned again almost instantly after a couple of comments. People that didn’t like the content in those comments clearly mass reported it.

I don’t think I ran across a post that absolutely didn’t deserve to belong here. I get people have their strong opinions but there is no need for this level of censorship


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I am just perplexed by the decisions of the developers and moderators.


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Everyone spent the last two years afraid of something that has a 99. Survival rate. It’s pretty obvious the scoeity as a whole is collapsing. No one know what’s going on anymore when it comes to everything. Everything is just a big question mark everyday and 343s silence doesn’t make it any better

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Easy. Don’t randomly bring up conspiracy theories, talk about covid, make political statements, remake a locked thread, make posts that are not about Halo Infinite.

I have seen threads be locked purely because the comments sections became off topic and started breaking TOS even when the OP was clean and on topic.

Safe to say that this post will be locked due to it having been posted in the wrong forum since it has zero to do with Halo Infinite.

While you think its mass reporting it could be one of these two instead.

  1. Mods typically can down threads without anyone reporting them. There have been threads up for 1 min that get closed before anyone sees them or gets to comments.
  2. You may also get a lock if one person reports your thread or a comment in that thread that breaks TOS.
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Except nothing I ever mentioned was a conspiracy theory. Everything I ever wrote can be looked up and confirmed.

How can one not talk about covid? It affected all of us very deeply. To ingore it would be censorship. On top of that are you saying that only one statement about coivd is ok? That statement is " well 343 went thru covid and thelat could mean the delays were harder on them". Are you saying that’s the only acceptable statement about covid? If so then that’s pushing a narrative. A one sided one at that.

Everything is political if you want to get technical. To say that 343 hasn’t been affected by politics would be false and I think it’s a very important conversation and it’s probably why the game is like this in the first place

Yes breaking topics should turn off the post. I get that. But there is a fine line. What you might think is important might now be to someone else and vise versa

Has everything to do with Halo infinite. It’s talking about Halo infinite fourms and the Halo infinite forums is about Halo infinite.

Those two points are muddy. You don’t know the specifics

Happened to me with my first post. Actually made a nice spreadsheet for it. What a shame.


I was typing how and why you are wrong and quoted examples of you breaking TOS and blah blah. Then I realized you were just going to stick your fingers in your ears and keep saying “lalala I did nothing wrong.” So I replaced that comment with this instead.

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