How are the reqs ranked

like how is a sniper rifle a uncommon while a beam is rare? or a railgun is a common? How is a mantis a ultra when it can be splatered by a wraith? Why is invis power up a uncommon? This makes no sense, especially when the answer is a rare while the oni chaingun is legendary, its literally the same thing except one makes you slow. who is ranking them? For h6 can we have a better req system please?

:yawn: now people just complaining 'bout everything and anything.

Simple, the beam rifle can be fired faster than a sniper and it can be fired without needed to be reloaded, railgun is common because its really weak outside one on one engagements and if you miss that one shot or are too late to charge you’re dead, Mantis is ur because its a later game req its great for taking down air vehicles if it was given rare then the moment a banshee (also rare) got out it would be killed and the whole thing wouldn’t be worth it, the answer you have to reload and its range is smaller along with actually doing less damage than the oni chaingun (about 8 shots from the answer and 6 for the chaingun) plus its got a smaller radius on the explosion and the rof is a lot faster after the spin up.
Simply put its for balance and how the weapon handles as a whole during the time it can be called out vs what else is being called out