How are 'steals' and 'deposits' counted in Stockpile?

Howdy, I’ve played several rounds of stockpile at this point and always at the end of the match the results will say “0 deposits, 3 steals” or something like that when I know very well I put in more than one seed to the deposit. So my question is, what on earth counts as a steal, and what counts as a deposit?

Is it a steal if someone else (even a teammate) touches the power seed first? Like, someone’s throwing them away from the spawn point, I catch it and run it home. That’s a ‘steal’? It just doesn’t make a whole lot of sense and I was wondering if anyone had any clarity on the matter. It’s possible something’s just wrongly coded and the points are getting put in an incorrect category. Like it’s not a huge deal but it’s been boggling me for a while now.

A steal is going to enemy base & taking a power seed they have installed out.


This is an interesting point I’m glad you brought up

I could be the only one depositing seeds all day long and winning the game myself but I only ever show 0 deposits. Why?

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You’d think so, that’s what I’d count as a steal too, but I ended up with three ‘steals’ and never having gone as far across the map as the enemy base :confused: That’s why I’m confused lol

It’s bugged to show deposits as steals. That’s all there is to it.

There’s more too it.
In my end screen it showed my deposits as steals indeed, so that’s being inverted.

But the enemy team also showed ‘deposites’, so you would think those would be steals then. But the enemy team never stole any power seeds from our base. I know, because i was defending them and protecting incoming teammates with a power seed. 1 player tried, but i killed him before he could do it. So there is more wrong with those numbers it seems.

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And to show deposits as nothing?