How are placements weighted?

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Hey guys,

Excuse the tone of frustration within this post; I’ve been looking for a thread on this topic but have not been able to find one apart from a post that was a year old without any responses. Of course, in a typical Monitor fashion, I got “warned” about the process of reviving said post. If it’s an old post without any responses or related threads then I fail to see how it’s unreasonable to bring it back to life. In my humble opinion, that is utter nonsense, and I would not revive a post unless it was under this circumstance.

Now, onto the topic: I recently got my placement for FFA and feel that it was unfair and quite off. I was Onyx 1784 at the end of last season with a commendable KDA and was placed Diamond 1 at the beginning of that season. However, after winning a couple games against high Onyxes in my 10 placement matches with a positive KDA (with quite a few losses due to internet issues) and ending the season in the Onyx tier, I was placed Platinum 6. The Monitor who I mentioned above said that, based on my Diamond 1 placement last season, my Platinum 6 placement was “spot on” (sorry, but that’s not even close). Am I wrong in assuming that your placement is based on where you end during the previous season? Is it based on where you were placed originally? I’m sorry, but someone who ends a season in the Onyx tier should not have to grind an entire tier plus more to get back to where he/she belongs. I’ve been raging about this to a point where I went something like 15-20 my last few games, hence my [currently] negative K/D. Safe to say I’ll be taking a break from FFA for a few days.

Any thoughts on this issue? Anyone else receive what you believe was an unfair placement?

At the very top of the section you originally posted in is the Matchmaking Feedback Archive. Josh addresses your questions in his posts and those threads. I suggest you read them all oldest to newest.