How an open world Halo might work

So, that absolutely stunning trailer has got me thinking. A few on here and in other places on the internet have been speculating that Halo Infinite (or H6 as I will refer to it in the rest of this post) is going to be open world. As a [very independent and insignificant] game developer this prospect has got me thinking on how this could work, and has lead me to think of some pretty exiting ideas (that if aren’t used in H6 I’ll definitely be using myself when I get the budget).

First off, for this to really work, the game has to take place entirely on the Halo, and in terms of tone and pacing feel very similar to Combat Evolved. Think about it, the game starts, as some have speculated, with Infinity crashing on this Halo ring. From there on out you as Master Chief get to explore the ring, uncover it’s secrets and fight the silly bad plot threads left over from Halo 5. It’ll bring back (along with the classic artstyle revival) the same feelings that you had when exploring instillation 04 back in 2001, but with a whole new layer of depth added to the ring, with you being able to truly venture out and explore, instead of being lead down a linear path (not that there’s anything wrong with that).

Of course, have an entire Halo ring to explore will be too much of an ask on the dev team, and also a pretty boring gameplay experience as they’ll be a whole lot of nothing sprawling out for miles. So lets condense it down to 4-6 smaller regions, each with their own distinct biomes and plot centric features and encounters. Each one will be it’s own sectioned off map, and fast travel will be required to get from one to another.

When it comes to travel, one thing I’ve always loved in all of the Halo’s has been getting into a pelican at the end of a mission to take me to the next area, something I think was excellently implemented in Combat Evolved with Foe Hammer, having a dedicated pelican pilot for you to give you a ride, or drop of some troops or even a vehicle! Now how about a similar feature in H6? (Including the dropping off of marines and ordinance, but we’ll get to that later…)

So, how about as a fast travel feature, when you say press up on the D-pad you get the chance to call in a pelican, with one of the options being to give you a lift to one of the other regions on the Halo. And, to keep the feeling of exploration and give it a realistic military feel, the pelican can only drop you off in map specific LZs (which you have to find on the map and clear when exploring), which will act as fast travel waypoints.

So lets say the game begins, Infinity crashes on the ring, you start off in one of the regions and your first objective is to find a site for a base. You’ve got say a warthog and some marines with you, and you set out exploring. Maybe you’ll get an objective marker that tells you where the ideal spot is for your base, maybe you get multiple and you can pick (with some giving you different bonuses?). Once your base is established, you get the ability to call in the pelican. Maybe you’ve found some LZs on your travels. From there onwards, you’re free to explore. Maybe to make it a bit more linear, each region of the Halo only unlocks once you’ve got a mission objective there, but can go back and continue exploring, doing secondary objectives, finding collectables ETC.

So, what else should the pelican be able to do apart from act as a cab service? Call in ordinance and back up. As it’s going to be a vast open world to explore, I say you should start off with a Warthog, but hey, warthogs are destructible things, you may need a replacement. Call one in! Need some marines as backup? Call some in! Perhaps implement a way so you only have a finite number of recourses, or some kind of timer so you can’t just spam it. Perhaps as the game goes on and your military presence on the ring increases, you can call in more powerful units, like Scorpions or ODSTs once lets say you’ve got Infinity back in the air or some friendly ships arrive (maybe friendly Covenant forces in some section of the game? Call in a Ghost, a squad of grunts or a pair of Hunters?).

One thing that would be well implemented into the pelican system from Halo 5 is the squad mechanics. Have characters like Blue Team, Arbiter and his two firends from H3 co-op, Osiris, and Red Team all become call in-able squad mates at different points of the game, depending on whats going on in the plot (but only up to three of them at a time) all with different starting weapons. In regards to co-op, lets have it be drop-in drop-out, and when a player 2, 3 or 4 joins the game they get dropped off at your location in the pelican as one of these squadmates, as if you called them in (they have a selection of available characters in the form of loadouts when they join the game, once they pick the pelican spawns and drops them off).

And well that’s all I’ve really thought of so far.

The game should just take place on the Halo
The Halo is an open world made up of 4-6 different maps, each with their own biome.
You start off in one, after Infinity crashes, from their you are to explore that region, establish a base and gather recourses.
Once you are able to, you can call in a pelican to act as an immersive fast travel to take you to the other regions of the Halo.
Pelican can only land in predetermined LZs, which you have to establish on the map when exploring.
As the plot develops and your military presence grows stronger, you can call in different vehicles and marines to help you with completing objectives.
You can also call in squad mates who will either be AI or player controlled using a drop in drop out coop system.
Who/what you can call in with the pelican is dependent on what point you are in the plot and what resources you have gathered.

Lots of great ideas, here is to hoping they can pull something amazing off

Open world halo could work. ODST and halo 1 is proof of this

When you put it that way, I imagine it would work somewhat like the first Mass Effect. The regions would have their own missions (and possibly side missions) that you complete in whatever order you choose, and they all lead to some final area and mission. And I gotta say, I’m pretty hyped about that sense of wonder and exploration from CE possibly coming back in the next game.

I have a great feeling about this Infinite…

Big world with side missions would be awesome.

Honestly my thoughts on this are as follows. While id love to see a open world halo. Id love to see it come after Halo Infinate. This is due to the fact that id love to see halo infinite complete the story of master chief. And while id love to see halo infinite return to classic halo gameplay. Complete the story of master chief. Id love to see it leave the halo universe open to future stories. perhaps one where halo could become a first peron shooter mmo. Kinda like destiney but with an open world kinda like WOW has. With vast continents to explore. As well as other planets. If they did that then I would definatly like to see an open world halo game. But we would have to create our own unique spartan or elite for the entirety of that game. For now lets just hope that halo infinite returns to classic gameplay. Completes the story of master chief. But leaves the possibility of continuing the halo franchise with our own unique spartans and elites in an open world first person shooter mmo down the road. Till then lets return halo to its roots

I think it needs to be open world, allow the player to explore the Halo ring and get to see its different parts; instead of getting mission after mission completed and not being allowed to explore the game in a wider form.
Sorry if this didn’t make any since.

YES it will work 343 has been working on it for 3 years

Sounds open world to me

Great thoughts! I think Halo has a lot of potential with an open world if done right. With splitscreen co-op that just makes it even better. Anyways, I have the same suspicion it could be open world and at first its a little daunting of an idea but I’d say it has the potential to provide the best campaign experience ever! I’m certain it’d have particular missions which you should be able access from the menu after having completed them. Overall, similar to Halo ODST.

This is a nitpick I admit but I feel i should say: Don’t call it halo 6, or h6, because I’m pretty sure there’s a reason besides marketing that has lead them to spesificly call it Halo Infinite, without even a colon in there. It’s like deliberately mispronouncing someone’s name imo

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> Sounds open world to me

I agree. Man i hope so this takes me back to when bungie first unveiled halo to the world when it was still a mac game. That mystery and exploration, the alien wild life, i’ve always thought that belonged in halo since playing halo ce. Dream come true I cant wait to get my hands on this!!!

Great post. This’s basically what I want from the game. I think it’ll also lessen the blow of the inevitable BR mode if they train players to get used to even larger sandbox environments and casually offer a gametype set on the ring—while retaining the traditional multiplayer of course.

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> This is a nitpick I admit but I feel i should say: Don’t call it halo 6, or h6, because I’m pretty sure there’s a reason besides marketing that has lead them to spesificly call it Halo Infinite, without even a colon in there. It’s like deliberately mispronouncing someone’s name imo

But I purposefully mispronounce peoples names all the time! It’s the 6th main series Halo game, so it’s technically Halo 6, I mean I call Star Trek (2009) “Star Trek 11,” and Into Darkness and Beyond “Star Trek 12 & 13.” I even, as a joke called Wolfenstein II: The New Colossus “Wolfenstein VIII: The New Order II: The New Colossus.”

I’m just calling it H6 for ease. HI is probably a better abbreviation but it just looks like I’m shouting “hi!”

Awesome ideas for an open world Halo. Though I personally wouldn’t want HI to be open world. I’d prefer it if the core FPS games stayed linear. Maybe another studio could do an open world take?

> 2533274863544170;8:
> I think it needs to be open world, allow the player to explore the Halo ring and get to see its different parts; instead of getting mission after mission completed and not being allowed to explore the game in a wider form.
> Sorry if this didn’t make any since.

While I understand wanting to explore the vast halo ring. And be able to explore even other planets and or space itself. You need to relize Halo infinite isn’t about being an open world game. Sure the trailer made it look as such. But with confirmations that have already been given. Aka the story focusing purley on Chief. And how it continues along from halo 5. I dont think it will be a open world halo yet. As I said in my above statement. I would love to see an Open world Halo. Id love to see a halo game that’s possibly a first person shooter mmo. Where our own Unique Spartans and Elites that we make take the spotlight and forge our own story. But this would have to take place after Halo infinite. After the personal story of master chief is finished. Then and only then could we see a possible open world halo mmo rpg. For now let halo return to its roots. And let it be the classic gameplay we love and adore.