How am I supposed to win at Warzone?

Hi all. I have been getting it handed to me lately in Warzone. I just can’t win. It doesn’t matter what I do, my team keeps getting stomped by warzone warriors. I feel like I have only won about 2-3 of my last 12 games of Warzone and this isn’t even a new trend. No one uses their mics at all so there isn’t any communication. Anytime I leave a base to assault another or take a boss, we lose that base. Since no one communicates I often find myself alone trying to capture a base or take down a boss. Meanwhile, the enemy team moves in packs and uses strategy to often 3 cap. Do I just have terrible luck? Is there a better time of the day to play? Is it a game mode I should only play with a team(that would suck because the whole reason I play Warzone over Arena solo is because of the team element required in Arena)?

I feel like this Halo just isn’t as friendly to solo players as past halo games and the lack of a 1v1 or social playlist kind of sucks. How do I git gud?

Pretty much if you aren’t in a team for warzone, you have a good chance at losing. I used to be at 65% win rate when I first started playing solo, but now I’m down to almost 50% win rate playing solo. Love the game type, but wish it wouldn’t pair solo players up against teams.

Well, you need to remember a few things…if you own (example) west armory, but the enemy team own east armory and the center base.
Do not attack the center base.
Why? More enemies there.
Go around to their armory.
Another thing to note: Only attack bosses after all enemies nearby are down (except warden because everyone rushes him.)
Speaking of warden, try and get the last few shots on him.
Cross map railgun, sniperrifle. Something like that.
Or play with people!
(AKA: me, message me if you wanna play)

I lose a lot too but that’s gonna happen playing solo. If you wanna win easy just play with some friends and use mics to communicate basic stuff. And then just hog all the bosses.

None of my friend own a Xbox one so I always jump alone in any game. I think you are just having bad luck for now but that is true that nobody is communicating. It is a social playlist after all.

The question is do you still have fun? I would say I have as much wins as I have lost but the game is so much fun an entertaining that I keep playing. I am not always focusing on bosses. I am mostly focusing on capturing bases and killing down Spartan that are going for the legendary boss. It is my way to help… If I can drop down a few ammo on the boss why not?

Hi Spartans,

Don’t be discouraged if your losing in warzone, especially if your running solo. My best advise would be to look for other like minded individuals in the recruiting section of the forums or one of the LFG sites. Running with a full fireteam in any gametype gives you an advantage over randoms.

Also make sure to communicate clearly with call outs with tactical info. Don’t forget to change up your loudouts as you gain REQ levels. You can also start putting power ups to good use at REQ level 3 witch can come in handy while pushing or securing an objective.

Good Luck out there the battle field can be a very unpredictable and unforgiving but if you work with others your bettering your odds for the whole team.

You need to get a team for warzone. Start adding people u know ir find a new group to play with. That will help change the odds in ur favor.