How about the impact 343 has made? :)

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> How was my post in any way no constructive? Or was it just getting too much attention from peers? I pre-ordered a copy of your Halo 4 legendary edition and the new Halo 4 Xbox 360. I am a customer and should have the right to voice my opinion either way. The facts are every player is having major connection issues and you are changing things that fans for the past decade love about the game. If you guys can’t handle CUSTOMERS not being satisfied, then maybe it’s time to address our issues. If you like ban me from whatever you choose, but I will make sure I hit up every forum, twitter, fb and any other way possible to let fellow CUSTOMERS know how I was done for speaking freely. You have inherited a legendary series and how you approach it and where you take the game dictates how you will be viewed by gamers everywhere. So YOU 343 have a responsibility to the Halo fan base and to YOUR new CUSTOMERS, especially with people like me shelling out the $500 for games, consoles, not to mention dlc material.

To anyone out there who was in the open discussion of the matchmaking and overall situation currently going on with Halo, this will more than likely be my last post. I was temporarily banned for speaking out against their decision making against the wishes of the Halo fan base. I’m positive this will result in my permanent banishment from these forums. You can follow me on twitter, @DeadlyMelody, please spread the word. I will work on getting more info out to fans and also look into creating other means (forums, fb pages, etc)to discuss freely, without judgement. These are the emails sent back and forth between 343’s forum team and myself over my posts in the thread that was deleted, titled “How about the impact 343 has made?”


>.> I dont see why are u are overacting about this. Calm down, keep your pre-orders and just wait on Halo 4.

I don’t know who they consult when deciding to make changes to Reach, but it’s the wrong people. 343 reminds me of Facebook with the level of disconnect they have with their users or at least their limited understanding of them.
Other examples aside, I came back online after two weeks today and saw they had messed with the playlists… FINALLY brought some maps back to swat, but decided to take action sack away? Who’s half baked idea was that? Should have left halo to the guys who knew it best… despite all the things players whined about when Bungie was in charge, I think most people would have them back in a heartbeat.

Shelling out $500 and by the time I count in any DLC along the way for multiple Xbox’s in house, whatever that will end up being and I’m overreacting? Being told I’m not allowed to say anything that may oppose the changes they’ve made and I have no right to speak while I hand over my money is not overreacting. Especially when, for the most part, it was all done tactfully, without offensive or rude comments. It was an open discussion. It’s basically the little guy saying you’re not going to -Yoink- on me, treat your customers with some respect, like every other business must do to maintain said business. I don’t think that’s an overreaction.