How about some positivity eh?

Alright so contrast to my other posts and the majority of this community right now. I would like to say Halo 5 is a fantastic game. The gameplay is smooth, matches are tense when you have balanced teams, overall its enjoyable. I really like Halo 5.

No game could ever really replace Halo. Its a game almost every single one of my friends gets online for. Even after we’ve fractured due to new gen and my jump to PC, its pulling us together again. No other game can do that.

I really want this game to succeed. It just needs a bit of work. Ill check in with it occasionally to see how its doing, and throw my 2 cents in for weekend socials. I just feel like this game is a bud waiting to blossom. It’ll get there. Hopefully sooner rather than later

Completely agree

I like the menu music a bunch. I’ve had my game on just for background noise all night/morning while I do dive stuff and moderate. It’s pretty nice.