How about some more multi-team?

I’d like to see multi-team have a bigger place in Halo 4. It’s such a fun gametype, and it’s at a heck of a lot faster pace than normal team matches. Plus with 16 people, you could actually have a 4x4 game. The whole idea of it is to not just have tactic against one team, but three others who are also faced with that challenge. On larger and mid-sized maps it would be interesting to see what would happen to the map flow and speed of the match.
So what does everyone else think?

I don’t know about 4x4 teams, but I would like multi-team to at least come back with either 6 teams of 2 or 4 teams of 3.

I would love to see BTB multi-team. In my opinion Longbow is designed just for it. Everyone would get their own base to start. :smiley:

I’m all for a 4x4 playlist! I think that would be fun as hell.

I also think that multi-team BTB would work great for a stockpile gametype, or even some form of assault with elimination added to it.