How about MOVING ZONES in a Warzone map? Elephants

How you you guys feel about 343i remaking Sandtrap as a Warzone map? Or base a Warzone map off it at least- and have two of the zones for capturing be Elephants?

Sounds like a ton of fun to me. I’d be hoping for that map nearly every time. Also side note, how would you guys feel about randomized bosses? So we didn’t fight the same people every time.

Randomized bosses is a must IMO. Sandtrap itself seems a tad small for warzone but a map inspires by it with 2 stationary home bases, 1 stationary base in the middle and 2 mobile bases sounds cool. Or would the elephant serve as home base? It sounds cool either way.
We’d also need an assault variant. Think about defenders fortifying their position while attackers roll up in an elephant. Pretty cool :slight_smile: