How about just 1 sniper on breaker map

343 seriously remove the other snipers from this map and only have just the 1 singular Sniper. The weapons are not balanced well on this map at all.

This new map for me is a big let down but 343 you arent the best at map design at all really so its no surprise that this map was not going to be good. I thought this map was going to be like a figure of 8 with a building in the middle and two jumps over the lava on both sides of the building left and right but no. The maps plays very poorly. If you dont have a long range weapon your gonna have a hard time to get any kills. If you venture out into the open your done for. This map is one big bottle neck when it comes to gameplay. Just people sitting back camping with long range weapons. Theres barly any running and gunning on this map at all. Im sure there are people who love to snipe love and this map but not everyone likes sniping.

I honestly think the map would play a lot better if people could move out into the open more rather than being shot by 3 enemys all holding sniper rifles.

This map reminds me of the halo 4 days when the other team called in their stupid ordance drops and the whole team had power weapons and you would be spawn trapped 5 mins into the game.

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I generally like Breaker, but I totally understand the sentiment. Basically the maps is shaped like a hourglass. So vehicles and infantry get funneled into the area with the laser. This carries everyone into the sniping lane. But the biggest issue is that the snipers both spawn right next to where they like to camp (up high on top of the bases), so you can’t even wait them out and hope the run out of ammo.

I personally think the sniper needs to be a neutral spawn where you have to go inside the laser trench and then bring it back to your base or something. Or it needs to only be a shock rifle which is a little less aggressive.


Keep all the snipes!
Just give players BR/commando starts on this map.

Gawd no. If i wanna play reach again when everyone had long range weapons and every game was people shooting each other from across the map. The memories. I wanna have the fun of halo 3 again and on this map you can barley do anything becuse your getting sniped every 2 seconds

My rebuttal -


Ref: Custom Games

Well it’s great for my Custom Game mode setup. here is how I set this map up for CTF:
using the Breaker Map.

  1. Low grav so you can get on 80% if the buildings. ( set 70% )
  2. Starting weapons: BR w/140 rounds and the Hydra have 36 rounds ( 6 Clips )
  3. Faster movement set at 110%
  4. Jump higher ( set at 140% )
  5. Respawns set for 3 seconds
  6. Reload speed set at 144%
  7. :crazy_face: Stupid Friendly Fire is turned off!!!
  8. There will be alot more when we get forge. Every weapon that is in the game will be at your base. Respawn times set at 60 Seconds.
  9. Vehicles will spawn at your base not in the middle of the map.
  10. When you die you will spawn at your base not in the middle of the map.

Lots more to do when we get forge.

This is just some of the stuff that will be in my maps as soon as we get forge.

Peace! :fist_right: :fist_left:

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Honestly when forge comes out 343 will see how this game should be like because i know so many fans have great ideas for halo and what feels like halo and how it should be played.

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When Forge comes out, I will have fun making about a dozen or so new maps for the Halo Infinite roster.

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Me 2 buddy! We need people who like forging to bring back that good old feel’n of Halo like we had in the old days. I will at least try to bring it back some of it back!
( I hope lol )

Peace! :fist_right: :fist_left:

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I agree that snipers are overwhelming on the map. It’s not the sniper’s fault, its a combination of things:

  1. placement. The sniper and Shock Rifle are basically right where they need to be to be used optimally. You can just camp right next to the spawn and get more ammo.

  2. The majority of the map is very open, so snipers shine on it.

  3. Since it’s AR starts, you have no defense against a sniper or shock rifle. I keep telling people why this is a problem but they bite my head off

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Yet another, “this game is not tuned to my particular preferences so it’s objectively bad,” post.

Good grief. Why you so soft?

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Didnt say anything along the line of what you said at all…

What i am saying is that having 3 snipers spawn on both sides of the map and those spawns are right at a spot where you can camp is bad design and makes the map play terrible.

Im pointing out a detail thats not good for gameplay nothing to do with what way i want the game to be like.

I dont think anyone whats this as their preferences unless all they play is Snipers.

So kid i wouldn’t go around thinking your funny trying to give your opinion on what people are like rather than what the topic is about.

Better to keep you stupid opinion to yourself than to show everyone just how much of a childbrain you are.

I’ve always hated two snipers on each base in halo besides blood gultch. Just makes ppl sit back and camp, at least with it in the middle both teams have to fight over it before you can get back to the base.

Every map that does that honestly doesn’t play that well imo. Maybe headlong plays ok but that’s an asymmetrical map with two snipers. It really depends on the map tbh.” But I agree with you

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They should make the Sniper spawn at the top catwalk. The part where Total Control games on this map suck the most because both sides are just tossing nades across the gravlift exit.

Also for the love of god, don’t spawn the sniper at neutral and keep the Shock Rifle racks. Just replace those with BR racks because this map really needs more BRs than the 10th Disruptor. (yes it’s an exaggeration)