How about different WFF difficulty levels?

There could be the actual difficulty, since some people think it’s OK, which would be normal difficulty

Then an easy difficulty, for people who think it’s too hard, with ennemy health (dammage too?) reduced. This mode would obviously give lower rewards, but would make it possible for less skilled players to win.
Another option could be to raise turn time

And finally, for those of us who want an even greater challenge, a hard mode, which would be, well, harder… It would give greater rewards, but require skills and cooperation.
(Maybe require a certain amount of wins in normal to unlock?)

This would allow everybody to appreciate the game mode while allowing player who want to play in the higher difficulty and who are ready to use their REQs to reach victory to play with other people that are ready to do the same thing, instead of losing because some people don’t want to use their REQs.

What do you think of that idea?

Made a thread about this already.