How about BTB Objective?

Hey 343, where’s it at?
Where’s doubles? and some maps that support doubles? I’ll even settle for team triples…
And where the f*ck is extraction?

What do you guys think?


foolish mortal, is it too hard to program multiple gametypes in one playlist. that is why there won’t be any.

i seriously don’t know how 343 could overlook this or be so ignorant to think that btb/swat/slayer/snipers/ffa

infinity slayer should have:
-team slayer w/ loadouts
-team ARs/pistol
-team classic (110% damage for 4 shot, no AA, no perks, etc), or just give this a playlist.

infinity btb should have:
-Team slayer w/ loadouts
-Capture the flag
-1 flag ctf
-neutral assault (herp derp i don’t know why there is no assault. i guess they just forgot)
-1 bomb
possibly extraction…

SWAT should have
-team swat
-team magnums

snipers should have
-team snipers
-shotty snipers
-maybe include oddball/ctf. doesn’t need it.

Regicide shouldn’t be the default playlist. however; it is fine to include this in ffa.
-slayer w/ loadouts

note that the first gametype I listed will be the one that appears the most, and will be the “first” option. so if 1 team wants the default playlist, they will always get it.

or am I just foolish to think 343 would put out such a crippled game just to try to beat out BOps2