How About Adding More Alt Fires?

All the weapons could use an alt fire. The Bulldog could get a launcher that shoots shrapnel, or the shotgun could summon a shield. The Rocket Launcher could get grenades. The sidekick could fire in bursts. Ect. What do you think?

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I think that is a bit too excessive.
This isn’t TimeShift or Dead Space.
This is an arena shooter experience where each weapon has their specific function that makes each of them unique and an equally viable option in their own area of expertise.
We already have weapons that contain these alt-fire modes you desire.

  • Mauler shoots shrapnel
  • Grenade Launcher already exists and needs to be implemented.
  • Whispered Truth fires in burst.

i think most unsc weapons should stay as single purpose but they should definitely add some new one with an altfire or add more weapon variants like from halo 5. this post just gave me an idea!


I think the core game play needs to be addressed and fixed first.

I could see various weapons doing different things such as the heatwave being able to rotate and change.

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I think this is something that belongs in customs/action sack. Alt fire would make standard MP very unbalanced.

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i always thought the pulse carby should have had one for up close encounters. It could just spray like the plasma rifle but kinda no point now since buff.

I prefer the predictability and clarity of Halo’s sandbox.

Give everything an alt fire, and you have to come up with half-baked ideas for a lot of them.

If you want a burst fire weapon, get a BR or burst fire your AR. If you want a shield, get a drop shield. If you want a grenade launcher, join the discussion of fans looking to get it added to Infinite. But for now the Ravager, Hydra, and grenades themselves are as close as you can get to the archetype. Which is wired because the Heatwave is classified as a grenade launcher despite clearly being more reminiscent of a shotgun.

Whilst I’m not really against the idea of Alt Fires, I’d have to say that what you’re suggesting hasn’t convinced me in the slightest.

The philosophy of the weapons in Halo Infinite is that each weapon fills a certain role. A rocket launcher that also fires grenades would only remove the role of the grenade launcher from the game (assuming 343i actually add the grenade launcher)

If you added a burst fire to the pistol, how will it be different from the BR?
If you could summon a shield with the bulldog, how strong would the shield be? How would it impact different weapons? Or if it acted as a grenade launcher aswell, why ever pick up the grenade launcher? What’s stopping you from throwing grenades instead?

Just seems like too many questions and over complicates the game imo.

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