How about a game in and around 100,000 BCE?

I mean think about it, it would be awesome.

To explain myself though, I read the old “leak” about Halo 5 being an open world, Destiny sort of thing, and I hated it. Until I thought about it, and compromised in saying that I would NEVER want a main line Master Chief title to to differ in the ways the leak suggested. So I said it would be awesome in to have in the “side game” category with Wars, ODST, Reach, and Spartan Assault. Except I took it when step further to say have it take place in the Forerunner era and begin with a few missions of Forerunners cosmically evicting the Prometheans, then jump forward to a point the plot that is more conducive for a video game, and finally end it all at the lesser ark with your character being either a chosen forerunner or human to witness the firing of the Array, and begin the Great Journey.

I mean, I’m no stellar game designer so my idea is definitely rough, and I haven’t thought too much about the logistics of attempting to put that era’s story into that type of play style; but the core idea is still pretty phenomenal in my opinion.

Also, I really hope the leak isn’t entirely true because Halo 5 would be way too similar to Destiny, and as much as the gameplay concept is fantastic, I don’t want to have it all over again one year later.

I am definately open to something like this. Imagine firefight mode!

343 could probably get away with making a Battlefield/Planetside-esque game with Ancient Humanity as one faction, and Forerunners as the other.

Maybe either one that takes place during the Human-Forerunner war or the Flood-Forerunner war? Just a couple examples for settings.

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> Maybe either one that takes place during the Human-Forerunner war or the Flood-Forerunner war? Just a couple examples for settings.

This is probably the only idea how this subject could work other then that ur basically taking the whole halo story away and just making another new game. plus it would be awesome to play as Forerunner soldiers or even the Didact himself and fight against the flood parasite and the end of the game would be u activate the Halo array.

There would be a lot of options for games during this period - from a Halo Wars perspective (humanity’s initial fight against the flood, or the forerunner’s initial ground wars against the flood), to a space battle simulation (humanity attacking the flood that are buried within forerunner planets, and forerunner response), to the fight against the space borne flood by the forerunner. Then again, the fight to defend various installations against flood infection (both from a forerunner or human perspective), and even search and recover type missions (X has been lost in installation Y, please go get it / him / her, them!). Or search and destroy (installation X has been overrun, please go activate the self-destruct / take this nuke in / etcetera). Both of the previous missions could easily have a follow up of an evade capture / being killed type mission (get to the extraction point).

Plenty of options for many different game types, as well as a range of missions. It could even be written from the perspective of a human character who eventually becomes a major name (such as the early years of Forthenco, the future lord of admirals), or even from the perspective of the Ur-Didact before /during his evolution to a warrior type (which was implied that it was somewhat hurried / forced). For that matter, the Didact’s initial years could well be before he took the title of Didact (so the player doesn’t know who he / she is playing as, until part way through the game - you know you are an important forerunner, but not necessarily how important).

The period of approx 100,000 BCE has plenty of options, for plenty of game types (FPS, space battle simulation either at fleet level or individual fighter level and RTS at the very least). Could even do a FPS with RPG elements (think Fallout as a template, or Borderlands). Or a system of squad based missions (thinking here of Dawn of War II in particular), which also had RPG elements (character’s advancing in capacity / gaining skills / getting better gear).

What about a Forerunner/Precurser war setting? We know the outcome and where it happened in Silentium but what about how it happened? Could be an epic story.

This game would be great. I’d call it “Halo: Origins” and either be a trilogy or a one off game discussing the precursors, their seeding of life in the galaxy, the creation of forerunners and humans, the Forerunner-Precursor War, the Human-Flood War, the Human-Forerunner War and the conclusion of the Forerunner-Flood War.

It’d be a great prequel to the main series as the elements in the main series’ story will make a lot more sense to those who don’t know Halo’s backstory.

It would be pretty awesome, I would be completely on board with a Forerunner game. Maybe even a game where it’s humans fighting the forerunners from 110,000 years ago (roughtly) in the war as humans were defending against the flood. That would be pretty sweet, maybe better off RTS, but who knows! Only our imaginations restrict us.

Bro, trust me. I know what 343i is up to because they just shared their top secret project with me.

All I can say is…

customizable cavemen.