How about a classic mode/playlist

We or they have the power to do this. Enough options and forge niceness to pull it off

Overall theme
Nov sprint. No powers. Normal movement and some shield tweeks. Higher movement speed (small amount )

No prometheon (sorry)
No Hydra. SAW. Caster. New rockets. No DMR
More use or haloce pistol. Spnkr. Halo2 br
Storm rifle can stay. Only because we would need an alien gun. Carbine stays too

Pretty much all except mantis and phaton (spelling). More warthog and ghost usage

Player stuff
no sprint. Climb. Slide. Hover. Anything new
Movement speed up to 110 or 125%
Health up slightly to increase killtimes with slower shields to prevent people feeling too tanky.
AR+pistol starts (br for big)

concerns m8
maps wont work: Use remakes of old maps. Or use all maps for some modes. Slayer use remakes. BTB use anything

We would need sprint etc: Nope. Higher base speed and proper tweeks it would change halo5 but not ruin it

Why no prometheon guns or etc: Not classic. Trying to keep it closer to original trilogy. With some mild tweeks

Would love a classic playlist (CE/H2/H3) and would play it religiously.

Sounds terrible. I wouldn’t even try it tbh. I’m in love with all of the movement options in h5.

Moment speed should be at 90% and health at 110% so it would have the older Halo 2/3 feel. Also, no Spartan Abilities whatsoever should be included, possibly with the exception of Clamber.