How 343 could avoid mistakes.

So this isn’t really a rant against 343. infact I love what they are doing but IMO there was a mistake they mad in the past that they should pay attention to in making the next game.

Alot of us remember the anniversary maps. We were all excited at first to find out that some of the greatest multiplayer maps ever made were going to be remade. Now its great to see a classic brought up and made to look current but 343 didn’t consider the memories.

The maps for the Anniversary map pack in my opinion should have not been remade. the reason is because these were the best maps that we had ever played but there is a reason you are not supposed to relive memories and the reason they are called memories. this is the principle 343 did not apply when they were making these maps. because in the end when they came out we did like them at first but then we lost interest.

What 343 needs to do if remaking a map in halo 4 is to remake one that has not had all the publicity. for instance Uplift is a good example. the map was not as popular as the others and for many of us we did not spend our best moments in halo here. It could be a great map since we can seem to explore a little more than we did before.(hmhm I made it rhyme).

If 343 follows these crucial steps while building the remake it could be a great map. We all remember blood gultch. said to be the best map in halo history. then we got hemorrhage. one of the worst maps in halo history. I think it was a good thing not to remake blood gultch.