How 343 can improve upcoming Halos

Ok so first of all I’m not saying that Halo 4 is a bad game in any way, but it did take away weapons such as the Needle Rifle and the Plasma Launcher and Vehicles like the Falcon, witch at the time was the designated air transport vehicle (besides the Pelican), and the Revenant witch was like a faster smaller less armored Wraith. Now grant it 343 added some AMAZING new features like the Mantis or as i call it the MECH witch has a melee attack witch we have never seen in a halo game before, an ENTIRE new Promethian weapon class, amazing new game types, and don’t even mention the armory and all the new kinds of armor choices.

Now with all the stuff that 343 has taken away and added into Halo 4, what could 343 add into upcoming Halo games to make them so much better? First lets talk about multiplayer, vehicles are a huge part of Halo multiplayer and new vehicles in upcoming halo games would bump halo up on the gaming charts and I’m NOT talking about brand new vehicles like a frickin Star Wars Elephant walker. Although an AT-AT would be awesome I am talking about bringing back old vehicles like the
Hornet from Halo 3 and the falcon from Reach, and fix the mistakes that Bungie made, make it so the falcon can hold 5 people and when there are 5 people in it make it so that the people that are sitting and not operating the turrets can shoot their guns i think in CTF a falcon like that would make the game type so much more interesting, another idea is a transport warthog that can seat 2 people in the front and 2 more in the back with no turret like a Halo version of a unarmed Humvee witch would also be useful in CTF.

So now lets talk campaign. In my personal opinion the Halo 4 campaign was one of the best Halo campaigns in the franchise but what can 343 do to make future Halos better? well there are 3 things that everyone i have talked to about this subject agree on

#3. Keep making environments like the ones seen in halo 4 (i don’t see this as a suggestion but more of a complement)
#2. Make it so that the ODST’s and Marines in the campaign do something other than die AND MAKE YOU KEEP RESTARTING BECAUSE YOU FEEL BAD THAT YOU DIDN’T SAVE THAT ON LITTLE RECRUIT WHO CANT TAKE CARE OF HIMSELF!!!
#1. Duel wield was EVERYONE’S favorite feature of Halo 2 & 3 and when they took it out in Halo Reach I hope I wasn’t the only one that thought that there was a bug in the game, if 343 adds duel wield back into the game the first thing i will do is kill 2 grunts and pick up 2 plasma pistols and go gunzAblazin through the campaign

Thats all i got to say do you agree, did i miss something, do you disagree, i would love to hear feedback on some of peoples opinions

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