How 343 can fix currency

The best say halo can fix currency is basically copying fortnite

I don’t think it’s fair that I’m willing to buy the campaign and still get a money greedy multiplayer

they should do it like Fortnite save the world. if you buy Fortnite save the world you could earn v-bucks by daily logins and challenges

Fortnite Save the world is Fortnite story mode btw

all games with battle passes give you enuff in-game coins to rebuy the future battle pass if you finish the current battle pass

so far as I seen Halo is the most greediest game with a battle pass

it’s summery you should be able to earn credits if you buy the campaign at least a thousand credits a week,
this will be such a good bargain that most people will buy the campaign for this reason. 343 will make more money with this and make us happy

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They should’ve included credits in the battle pass instead of stacking it with challenge swaps & XP boosts.

they don’t want us to rebuy it for free