How 343 can better communicate with the players;

A way 343 could communicate with the players is by once a month asking what the majority of the players want to see in the next update.
For example they could post “what do you want to see in the firefight update?” and which ever suggestion has the most likes they could put it in. For example, if someone suggested the falcon and that suggestion was the most liked 343 could put it in and that way they would prove they listen to the fans.

They could do that, it would be nice. Good chance they’d just go with the easiest option though and claim it was the most requested.
343 staff team needs some serious changes.

343i does need to make some major changes when it comes to communication on here. If they think this is working then they have already failed. Communication and support is the core to any product on the market. If it lacks one or another its sure to fail.

I agree communication and community engagement is very poor. I don’t agree with the what do you want to see approach it will lead to bitterness and more complaining. Also the population here on WP is probably a very small % of the population playing the game. Join HCFP, as it is the closest thing they have to engagement right now.