How 343 butchered their MNK community

Type ''How 343 butchered their MNK community" on youtube and give me your thoughts after watching the controller pros talking about the bad state of mnk in halo infinite as well as the experience good mnk players have with the game.


It’s a sad sate of affairs. One of the worst things about Infinite by a country mile - and seriously needs addressing. KB/M players do not at all seem a priority, and that’s really bad.


Why bring the game to Pc if you’re gonna make the game so heavily one sided to the point all mnk players quit the game and now the mnk ranked playlist is dead?

That is an excellent question - and a lot of PC players do not want to use controllers.

I do, but largely because it’s just, the better choice.

Which kinda’ blows.


What are we talking here?

What’s do we think the approximate advantage in % terms?

I’m honestly confused. For every thread extolling the advantage of one input method, it’s soon followed by another one with the exact opposite view.

Obviously 343 have a bit of work to do with both still. And I get that they probably aren’t keen to make wholesale changes while they are still getting trying to get desync et al under control.

I suspect for the average player it makes little difference.

If I’m playing with or against a Platinum 4, for example, it doesn’t matter to me what input they are using. As long as they perform as advertised in the game I am currently playing.

And what are we talking here. In terms of CSR? If I took an average KBM player here. Say CSR 900 (Plat 1). And trained them up on controller. What CSR are we talking? 925? 950? More?..

Are the advantages of one input over the other significant over the top of other factors that affect output? Like ping and latency? Monitor quality, frames per second, headset price, and comfort of gaming chair?

At the top end it obviously makes a difference. In a LAN situation against the best player’s in the world. Where pretty much every other factor is equal. But again, what are we talking here. Are KBM players just outside the pro-circuit? No where near it?

And look. I’m not saying that there aren’t issues. Both inputs could use some work. Some balancing.

But as a relatively unbiased spectator to the discussion - it’s confusing.


The game will die before they ever make it like Rainbow. And that’s a good thing.


M&KB will be viable again once the PC update launches.

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IIRC when people went through accuracy stats, pro kbm players scored a only a few percentage points higher than casual controller players. To a point that’d be a given, but once you get to high enough skill levels where people start strafing like mad, an mkb player will lose any fair gunfight (ie same shield strength and weapon) against someone using the other input. Even the case in casual, really.

You can see it with how certain weapons are designed too; the shock rifle goes from being arguably an upgrade over the sniper with controller to a hard to aim downgrade with a mouse due to the way its burst fire works. Only times where it evens out are situations where aim assist won’t kick in/doesn’t matter as much like with the mangler or getting long range dummy fire hits on a vehicle with the hydra. Oh and the speed you can whip around makes mkb super strong in SWAT.


343 has butchered all communities trying to please everybody. H2A anniversary got butchered with MCC. Master chief and Cortana got butchered with H4,5and Infinite. Infinite butchered the PC community and the Xbox community by merging us.

Spending 10 mins in forge and they’ve butchered that too. I now need to go do a games course to create anything. H3 and Reach forge was designed around casual players.

Ranked butchered by using purist settings catering for the minority. Social butchered by tight restricted SBmM.

Progression and customisation nuked by greed greed and monetisation.

The list goes on…. 343 need to kill infinite now!

Butchered butchered butchered!!!

What’re they gonna’ do next then?

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Re instate HCE,2,3,ODST,Reach with shiny new graphics - no changes - no merges - just remasters.


Make a new game - that’s not connected to Bungie and it’s traditional legacy.

Most would probably disagree with me though.





Being serious though I do think 343 could create a good game if they didn’t have to work in somebodies shadow.

Sorry, but what are you even talking about? What have 343 been doing since reach? They’ve taken the franchise in this weird direction. They veered off the path that bungie laid out for them. And also… what??? Like for real… do you hear yourself? 343 have tried and failed numerous times to make good halo games. They carved their own path the moment bungie handed over the keys, they tried their own thing and their own storytelling… and failed constantly/consistently! They refuse to accept fan feedback for multiple games now. The ONLY thing that will never be changed is that they’re in bungie’s shadow because they just don’t have the same goals, talents, ideas and anything that would make them stand out.

When MS bought the halo IP & put 343 on developing future halo games, 343 ruined it for themselves from the start with their weird business plan to recruit and hire ppl who hated halo. When the leadership never changed and refused to listen to new ideas (Bonnie, Frank, etc), the IP was destined to always go down the path they wanted, not what the fans wanted. Always having a high turnover with devs and freelance employees pretty much guaranteed no free thinking and that same forced, stagnant thinking we’ve had with halo since bungie left.

You can’t just wish good things and expect magic to happen. 343 very much decided from the start to do their own thing which is why the franchise has suffered since bungie… but not because of bungie. Understanding the difference and reasoning behind everything makes a difference, but just saying what you wrote is just wishful thinking on a whole different level.

Sorry, but this is all because 343 went down the path THEY CHOSE. Has nothing to do with bungie’s shadow. They made the choices and mistakes that led them to where they are now. It only made bungo look better because of how much 343 has done wrong along the way.

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I think you miss understood… my ideal situation would have been that 343 left the franchise alone and made a game not connected to the halo story.

Aye it could have in the same universe but nout to do with Chief, Cortana and foe.I don’t think it was needed considering the story was pretty much wrapped up after 3.

Sure, but they were founded to make more Halo so, that’s what we get.

Ladies and gentlemen. Today we will be cruising at a care factor of negative 5.3

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You got it backwards friend.

Microsoft needs to reconstruct 343 Industries into Studio 117 and put more staff members into working on Infinite to make the updates fly out to fix the game to a far more complete state.

I didn’t abuse you, i’m merely pointing out from my limited time on halo waypoint that you seem to be a nuisance in this community constantly contradicting everyone who are simply trying to point out something in the game that needs a change

We seem to have different definitions of what constitutes normal social discourse.


Nice to know I’m making an impression.