how 343 and 3rd/06 Tu kill BTB MM...

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Thanks 343 you destroyed the last playlist i could bear to play.

I left 4v4 team slayer and multi team cause of the instant respawn.
The last i played was flag even if i don’t realy enjoy forged map and solace.
But the one i enjoyed the most was btb. From halo 2 to halo 4 that’s my favorite playlist and that was my only reason to continue to play on the worst halo matchmaking ever made.

Before the 3/06 TU valhalla, exil, meltdown and vortex was still playable and enjoyable if it was not in pro (pro that could just be perfect if there was a radar in it but it seems you are to person to understand it…).
Even if you add settler and complex, and made valhalla and exil harder to get in votes i was playing meltdown and vortex and some times with the help of god appeared exil and with the help of both god and his son valhalla appeared!

But now with your new 3/06 TU meltdown is just unplayable with the combustion canon that spawn approximatively all the 60 secondes.
And Vortex, the new spawns are less choatics than before the TU but a banshee that spawns 56 secondes after beeing destroyed??? Is that a joke?? And add to this 2 mantis and 2 warthog gauss that’s also respawn to fast that we can’t have any gun fight during the game??? That’s totaly not understandable…

For me that’s too much.
Spent one or two hours to try to get valhalla or exil in btb in can’t deal with that.

I’m so sorry the matchmaking goes that way. Halo 4 has the best weapons balance we ever had in halo with not only the br to use. We also had nice graphism for a halo game and a nice jump and crouch that give us a nice straff.
As some one said : Halo 4 the game that could be…

You’re… complaining there’s too much vehicle combat in BTB?

There can never be too much vehicle combat in BTB.

i’m not complaining there too much vehicules in btb.
I’m just saying that in my opinion a banshee that spawn all 56 secondes in Vortex is just creazy. And that 2 warthog gauss and 2 mantis in vortex are a bit too much.
I’m also complaining about the covenant rocket ( i don’t know the english name of it sry…) that spawn all 60 secondes on meltdown in infinity slayer make this map totaly unplayable.

So at last we have the choice between :

  • a lot of crapy maps like settler, complex, meltdown that was playable before the third june TU but that’s just horrible now with the rockets that spawn on the 2 bases of the map each minute.

  • vortex that’s playable but borring cause it’s just a vehicule kill party without any gun fight because of the fatest respawn time vehicule we ever had in halo.

  • exil and valhalla that still are fun with vehicules and gun fights all over the map but unfortunatly those maps nearly never appear in the 3 maps choice.

add to this the pro setting without radar that’s just impossible to play in btb, and you have the worst halo MM btb playlist.

If i would try to destroy the btb playlist i think i could not do it as good as 343 did.

Everything is way more enjoyable and fair now, I don’t get it.