Hot Take - This game is fun, and that's all I need

I’ve seen tons of hate for the game lately, but it has nothing to actually do with the gameplay. I totally understand peoples affinity for getting rewarded via battle passes, as that’s a new-ish industry feature, but it should not completely degrade the good work that’s been done. This game will not simply die because 343 locked some cool looking gear behind a paywall.

I honestly kinda miss the days where games had a simple purpose - have fun. More and more, these games are feeling more like a job (ie. need to complete this battle pass by any means necessary). 343 has even made it so these are not time bound systems, and you can just play the damn game and have a blast, unlocking things as you go. They’ll inevitably rework it too, with some missteps I’m sure, and it’s just really disheartening when those mistakes will likely cause an outcry. This is the best game that I’ve played in years, and it hasn’t even really started. If campaign can provide a sandbox that’s as fun as multi, or even better, I’ll no life the -Yoink!- out of this thing with my gear being an afterthought.

I want to also say that this is just my opinion, and I’m not trying to stir the pot even more. I just want the franchise that I love to get some recognition beyond them trying to make a profit. Of course they’re going to find ways to squeeze money out of us…they want to get a good sized payday for the work they’ve put in, and I hope they do.

Great job 343, and thanks for capturing such a tight and satisfying HALO experience. Please take all of this feedback and do what you can to make the masses happy, but don’t lose your identity because people are more concerned about how their character looks right out of the gate vs having to play the damn game for a bit to earn their keep.



This is the way.
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Stop having fun! We are supposed to be outraged!


Hotter take: you are not all people


Correct. That’s why I said it’s my opinion. So what’s yours?


While the game certainly has its issues that need to be addressed, I’m generally enjoying it, and when you consider that all playable content at launch is literally free it’s pretty funny to me that some are getting so upset over certain things.

Granted not everyone has been playing since a time where you played a game to. . . . .well, play the game, the unlocks behind paywalls and progression are purely cosmetic. The pass needs tweaks to its progression system and the cosmetics themselves need QOL fixes (coatings and pieces being locked to cores/kits on premium purchases) if they want to incentivize people to buy in, but there is a lot of game here for free for FTP, no restrictions to modes or maps as other “seasons pass” games have done.


He clearly started that’s all he needs. It’s quite obvious that many others are needing more than fun gameplay, or they disagree that the gameplay is fun.


I wouldn’t be as annoyed with the progression if they didn’t tout “player expression” and “not wanting the game/battle pass to be a chore” at different points before release. The gameplay is quite fun though and I really can’t wait for more modes and maps.


Thank you! I was just thinking about this. On MCC I have over 200 points points to spend. Progression and ranks mean nothing to me, I just like to play. I actually played Team Sniper mostly, so I couldn’t get most of the challenges anyways.


I can certainly respect that. I’m hopeful they will refine that system and give everyone a bit of what they’re asking for. I would still expect some things you want to require some money though! Hopefully not everything though.


I do like the challenges too, but as a bonus! Def not the primary reason I play HALO.


My thoughts exactly. While I understand the frustration, it feels like some people treat playing games like a chore now. I’ve said this in several other threads by now, but I miss when people just played a game to have fun. Wish they’d just let themselves enjoy it. From a fun perspective this game is already so good and I can’t wait to see what new stuff they add down the road.


This is my first experience with a battle pass and I quite don’t get the concept. So sorry, for a lot of dumb questions.

What can I unlock if I don’t want to spend money yet? I have to buy the EVA helmet and can’t unlock it otherwise? You can’t create your own emblems? I get 50 xp for every game, no matter how good or bad I play?

Otherwise, the gameplay is fun so far, but the game itself is a bit confusing.

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I’m having fun too, even tho it’s not perfect. Aiming feels much better with custom control axis and deadzones but I die too often having no idea what happened or by someone spawning where I didn’t expect them to. Also need more time to get familiar with the new weapons and their places in the sandbox, but other than that is much more fun than H5 for example

These type of posts across all of social media crack me up. I’m not saying you can’t have your opinion, but people hate seeing negativity in any capacity, even if there’s constructive feedback going on, which has spawned this trend since the game dropped 5 days ago, where any criticism post is met with a counter-post praising the game, despite the fact that criticism posts may be constructively criticizing the game, because as it turns out, some things in this game aren’t good and they MOST CERTAINLY can be better.


As someone else enjoying the game a lot, I imagine the counter-posts are because the criticism is not constructive; it’s just whingeing and it’s everywhere.

Example: There have been hundreds of posts saying AA is too low; and a similar amount saying it’s too high. Hundreds of people -Yoink!- at each other rather than just understanding the differences in how people choose to play the game. Absolutely nothing constructive.

There are dedicated feedback threads for constructive feedback. ‘The game is no longer for Xbox players’ (example I saw recently) is not constructive whatsoever.


its great that the game feels and plays in a satisfying way, but ive seen this exact argument/dismissal

many times.
the fact is that for many people unlocking things and having a clear sense of progression is part of the fun. its a well studied psychological reality that game companies can use to enhance the experience. but halo infinite isn’t doing that. while I hate to say anything positive about reach, it proved that 343 can offer good character customization. now we have the most restrictive customization options yet, and a extremely small number of them to boot. couple those with the high monetary cost and even higher time cost to actually receive what they pay for. people are looking at spending multiple times what a previous entries cost to receive a fraction of what they used to. its the its the omnipresence of that reality sucking the fun out of the game that has people coming here to try and communicate that to the devs

hot take, your opinion does not help the game, you posted this for attention.

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The game is fun right and is a step in the right direction from H5 but a lot times it feels like a slower verion of H5 instead of an Evolution of H3’s multiplayer. Without content I dont see this game holding steady player numbers despite the multiplayer being free to play.

The movement mechanics such as Sprint, and slide dont feel that great and honestly(feels much better in other games) its the high kill times on weapons that make up for the movement speed. Being grappled by energy sword and hammer users felt as bed as I thought it would. The replacement for the Spartan Laser is far easier to use on both Vehicles and Spartans. Thruster returning allows for misplays to be forgiven, some weapons within the sandbox ae either nerfed or replaced for no good reason at att. We have recoil and Bloom in the game, why do we still have Bloom? I thought Reach was a lesson not to put retical bloom back into Halo.

But like I said before, the game is fun for what it is, but it doesn’t feel as good as the older Halos did, at least to me. (The lack of progression and features sure isnt helping either,)

Absolutely agree with this take. I want more, but I don’t need more right now. I am still learning the maps, rotations, callouts, weapon chemistry and fine tuning my aim with settings. I already have 2.5 days played and have many more still to come.